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    Become An Mcse In 10 Seconds! Answers!

    Let me agree with you all, it's kinda sad that people can achieve mcse by only memorising the answers so imho is a good thing that ms introduced simulations, lets hope that ms puts more effort and mcsa/mcse gain some credit. For me most of the "fun" of getting ready for ms exams is first studying the subject using various resources from sybex books to ms site documentation on aspects that arent well covered and then setting a lab at home with vmware or real machines depending on the requirements, some enviroments are hard to build like clusters but for me is entertaining go through the whole process and then test products that i dont use on my job enviroment. Aswell i use tk but as a final step and indeed i feel like i really know my stuff when i find out that are filled with wrong answers and also is amazing to go through the process of finding the right answer on the ones that you have doubts, nothing better than test on your own lab btw I think ms should go the cisco way, 90% of ccna that i know of went to cisco official course and even if used a tk just used it for training purposes cause the question pool is well over 600q. Also they should push moc prices lower and make them more valuable like require one for achieve mcsa and another extra one for mcse like oracle or vmware do. pd: one off-topic question, for teach a moc course you must be mct?
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    One More 291 Question

    i would say D as OSPF is known to have much faster convergence times than RIP v1 and v2 protocols, maybe we shall move this one to the cisco forum
  3. rekow

    Which Better Ccna Or Mcse ?

    This is a quite interesting topic imho cause i think that majority of the people who isnt into IT certs, and yes im talking people who works in IT, believes that an mcse is easier than a ccna. Thats just matter of brand name prestige but for real and as ccna i think i can say this ccna isnt harder than 291. If you work daily with cisco routers you can achieve ccna pretty easily since most of scenarios and questions are quite real-world based while on ms certs often questions are about best practices that no one cares about or stuff that no one uses so even if you work daily with ms products you gotta hit the books hard. About the higer % of people passing ccna than other certs, it has to do more with the fact that people usually sign up for the ccna official course while for ms certs people tend to self-study more.