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  1. kilik7

    1Z0-007 Oracle SQL

    My friend, could you please be so kind to say me which is the book I have to use to study the 1Z0-007 exam? Thank u so much Cheers
  2. kilik7

    Destroyed ONT today, finally CCNP

    Thank u so much my friend....I do really appreciate. Cheers
  3. kilik7

    Destroyed ONT today, finally CCNP

    Hi Guys Happy to share with all of you my success today in the ONT exam. Now finally I'm CCNP. I want just to ask you which action is required now to get the CCNP paper at home. Best regards
  4. kilik7

    Passed ISCW

    Hi Upen...sorry for posting my exam experience here... During this last period the forum structure has been changed a little so I got a little confused. From side I'll assure u that next posts related to "passed experiences" will be done in the right forum location. Wishing u guys all the best for your studies. I'll take the ONT exam in a couple of weeks (or maybe less)... See u then... Kind regards
  5. kilik7

    Passed ISCW

    Hi my friend I've just downloaded the "Student guide" from a website searching on google.com. I also studied using the "CISCO ISCW Official certification guide", but believe me....the "Student Guide vol 1 and 2" is 2 steps forward. You will find a lot of information very useful for the exam that are covered in a fluffy way in the "CISCO ISCW Official certification guide". The "Student guides" I'm talking about do not come from the ciscopress.com website.....they are used during the official Cisco Certification Training....so try to have a look also in the "share" section". The version of the "Student Guide" I used has been the 1.0 (from 2007). The same is valid for the BCMSN (student guide 4ever). For the BSCI instead I used "Authorized_Self-Study_Guide_BSCI_642-901_3rd_Ed" and is a very cool book. Hope u all the best for the exams.... Tomorrow I'll start to study the ONT....hope to succeed on it as well.... Best regards
  6. kilik7

    Passed ISCW

    Hi Guys Passed today the ISCW certification. I was expetcting a more easier exam....a lot of stranges D&D....a TACACS lab...3 simlets...and etc etc.... My advise is to use the "student guide". The Cisco press book has a lot of lacks for the exam preparation. Now only missing ONT to become CCNP. Cheers
  7. kilik7

    Can we use '?' in the exam sims for BSCI

    I took the BSCI exam yesterday and what I saw is that in some labs you can use " ?"while in other is not allowed. Strange and almost insane. Kind regards
  8. kilik7

    I passed CCNP

    Hi Guys I passed the CCNP BSCI exam and no of questions and sim