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  1. hi all, I have two issues. I have 6509 E with IOS (Boot system disk0:s72033-advipservicesk9_wan-mz.122-33.SXI.bin Boot system sup-bootflash: s72033-psv-mz.122-18.SXD5.bin) I have two 6509E one active, one standby(they are core). 1> everything was working fine but one day morning when I reached office I saw a server in Vlan 11 with ip x.x.x.x connected to active SW1 Packets reach server in vlan11 form SW1 but can’t come back from Server to SW1 (I can ping that server from my sw1 but cant ping sw1 from that server with x.x.x.x) When I changed the IP of that server form x.x.x.x to y.y.y.y it starts working properly as before. Or instead of changing the ip add if I swap SW1 to standby and SW2 to active it will work fine with x.x.x.x(server ip). It happened twice in last 10 days with two diff server . It’s very critical for me. Pls help. 2> before 2 days these same SW1 SW2 (6509E) Rebooted and I found that there was a high CPU utilization and it was fine after it got rebooted. I have checked all the config and its working good now . I am running OSPF on it, my ospf is also working fine with no error, as it is my production network it is working much fine from feb 2009. but don’t know whats the problem before 2days. I observed that the OSPF hello packets and ip input packets are causing HIGH CPU utilization. But I dint found any OSPF flaps or any problem which can cause IP input packets. Can you help me if there are any bugs on IOS and if yes, can you provide me the bug id relating to it? Or can you help me with any other idea???? It’s very critical to upgrade my live 6509 IOS as they are my core switches. might be some problem with my FWSM also. Regards Ron.
  2. Hey don't worry, you can do it its not a rocket science, someone's gonna pass first-why don't you. you can pass it and can encourage ppl giving labs after you. troubleshooting and open-ended is not that hard if you are through with your concepts and technology fundamentals. all the best brother hope to see you soon into the CCIE orbit.
  3. Hey I wonder, what would be the price for whole package for R&S 360 program. Ronak CCIE
  4. It's all about time-management, how you distribute your time for practicing lab and reading whole lots of books for your open-ended questions.... I was too horrified about the open ended as it was all or nothing.... Thanks for all the wishes...
  5. GANG@@@BANG Hey friends, I told you, i am waiting to bang the CCIE LAB and i have made it......! i got my number within 4 HRS after my LAB thx to all sadikhov Active members, you all have helped me a lot for my CCIE journey(as i was a Active reader)... I am very much exited and cant post more words right now. so guys i'll post more, later... and by the way how can i find-out the 10 most youngest CCIE ? i am 22yrs.
  6. thx..... let me knw once you are done.....
  7. WoW..! awesome...! congrats....
  8. hey...! i guess no one knows about it or may be there's no one... even i am searching it for..
  9. Really helpful, thx
  10. Hey, Friends, So now the countdown begins and I’ll be appearing for R&S Lab in very next few days in Bangalore. Hard-work and Good luck, I know one should have both of them. On my part I have done my homework and just waiting to bang the Lab, Now only thing I need is Good luck and Best wishes to get through the Lab exam. Please I’d really appreciate your word of advice and best wishes. Thanks.
  11. SAD.... better luck next time... all the best...
  12. all the best for next attempt...
  13. Congratulations.... feeling good after reading your success story.... even i have Lab booked in early April.... any advice/guidance ? CCIE(#Coming soon)
  14. @@... shock...@@ hard luck...! Better luck next time... now i am more worried and horrified, i am having lab booked in early April... it seems i should work harder i should divert my strength and energy towards the theory part reading more books rather than spending hours on practicing Workbooks. (70:30) Friend any rapid advice or guideline? it would really appreciate if you reply... Help...! Help...!
  15. All the best for your exam brother, waiting for your success story. Be calm and be confident. Impossible is nothing, nothing is impossible. best of lucks mate.