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  1. thanks Tony. Can you tell me where the cnf files are created? Flash? system? Mustafa
  2. Hi, I setup cme 7.0 with 2 ip phones 7911 for testing. TFTP logs told that the IP Phone could not find the files CTLSEP(MAC-address).tlv and SEP(MAC-address).cnf.xml . I checked the flash and system directories, but I couldn't those files. any help? thanks in advance. Best Regards, Mustafa
  3. id mac 0019.DBD9.5E1A I have changed that line like below: id mac 0000.0000.1004 --> 1004 is the extention, username and Auth username @X-lite. here is my test config: voice register global mode cme source-address port 5060 max-dn 10 max-pool 10 authenticate register authenticate realm test.is tftp-path flash: create profile sync 0031681135352191 ! voice register dn 1 number 1004 allow watch ! voice register pool 1 id mac 0000.0000.1004 number 1 dn 1 username 1004 password cisco codec g711ulaw It works. regards, Mustafa