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  1. Friends, Am looking to do exam to keep my Cisco CCNP relevant, and was going to do CCNA Security, but friend told me you have to do a professional level exam to keep your CCNP , not an associate level one ...... Whats your take? If thats the case, I might try to do CCIE written instead ....
  2. TSHOOT Exam Structure

    Darby, Martin, Thanks for taking the time to respond, you have been very helpful
  3. TSHOOT Exam Structure

    Darby, Martin, Appreciate your responses In Kevin Wallaces Videos, he has SIMs with a 3 part questions, are there many of these, and are they dispersed with Multichoice questions?, am still trying to figure out the exam structure .. What study materials did you use before sitting the exam?
  4. TSHOOT Exam Structure

    Lads Think I figured it out, found ESIM and PDF with topology .... just wondering why the exam says it has 35 - 40 questions, anyone know the ratio of SIM questions to multichoice, are there SIM questions like BSCI, where you are prompted to type in commands, rather than answer multiple choice questions ?? Any advice on material I am using, or exam structure would be greatly appreciated
  5. TSHOOT Exam Structure

    Mo Chairde I am going to sit my TSHOOT exam to recertify CCNP, and checked TSHOOT Review questions on CISCO site. I thought they would be SIM Based, but are standard multi choice ... I am using the Bryant Advantage TSHOOT study guide, and exam preps from this Kevin Wallace TSHOOT bullseye strategy .... but they maybe a bit out of date Has exam structure changed from the simlets they originally were, can anyone enlighten me ... Thanks in advance lads, any advice would be greatly appreciated
  6. time limit for finishing CCNP

    Mark, Appreciate your help, could,nt understand the information in my grades, so sent a mail to cisco certification support to clarify my position The response I got was I have 3 years from first exam I have in CCNP (BSCI , Passed on June 2010), this means I have until June 2013 to pass CCNP .... wil be doing it quicker than that !! ================================================================================================================================ Thank you for contacting Cisco Certification & Communities Online Support. To achieve CCNP Certification take and pass 642-832 TShoot on or before **-June-2013. To review this exam please see www.cisco.com/go/ccnp. If you have any further questions, or require additional assistance, please click the hyperlink below to update your case.
  7. time limit for finishing CCNP

    A Chairde Can anyone tell me if there is a time limit from CCNA to finishing CCNP ?? I done CCNA November 2007, BSCI / BCMSN in June / July 2010 , and wanted to do TSHOOT next month .... just wondering if the time limit is up
  8. Passed TSHOOT

    Nice One scales All the best
  9. Text book for SWITCH & TSHOOT exam

    Not out presently, but Chris Bryant books for new exams should be good ... used BSCI and BCMSN guides for my exams
  10. Go raibh maith agat Sunfish agus Chairde, I have a better understanding of the process now, will do BSCI / BCMSN before June / July and change ONT / ISCW to TSHOOT and probably MPLS and start CCIP as well. Thanks again
  11. A Chairde, Was wondering if these was any further updates on CISCO CCNP changing, I have booked 4 exams to re-sit CCNP again, but will have time issues finishing by end of June. Was looking at Aug - Sep, so hopin the deadline will be extended Checked in BSCI thread , and SUNFISH said end of month was announcement, with undefined timeline. Previous timelines were 6 months from announcement, meaning if announcement was made Jan 30th, exams would probably expire in July 31st.
  12. TCL Scripting in IOS. Easy to understand Tutorial !

    Fair Play Pappyaar, Am reading through this, and it looks good !!!