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    Modelling Excellence

    Hello Everyone, Been thinking about this for a while. This is a similar post to the techniques from Darby but I was hoping I could get more detailed input from members and hopefully this could help everyone. We have numerous members at Sadikhov who have had different levels of achievements in the IT sector, ranging from A+ to CCIE. We have many who are aspiring to excel in their careers and achieve certifications. The big question that pops up to my mind is what qualities makes a person excel at their job and how can we use these as Individuals to achieve more? I would like to have a discussion on various areas. The big question I would like to ask members is "What makes you good?" Values and Beliefs: How do you approach your career? There are many times we hear that someone wants to do an exam but they put it off for week, months and sometimes years. Sometimes this can be related to lack of self confidence. This is when your internal chatter keeps saying "I can't do this" "I am not capable". This could then result in looking for easier means, maybe cheating (Please note, I do not wish to have a discussion about this, I am just trying to relate a persons thinking to their behavior). So the question is " What do you say to yourself?" Sometimes alot of this is done unconsciously but can you identify what you say to yourself when you think of your study goals or your career goals? Is this affecting your output? How can you change this or use this in a more positive way? I know for a fact that there would be people who wake up in the morning and they would have their goals in mind and that is their driving force. That is what motivates them and pushes them to achieve. The passion really helps, but sometimes this is not always the case with everyone else. Has anyone tried using meditation, brainwave entrainment, binaural beats or subliminal messaging? Or any other sort of music If so, how has it helped? Do you reflect on your day every evening? do you use affirmations and visualization techniques? It would be great if get input on behavior patterns of Individuals. The biggest problem sometimes is when you ask a person why they are really good at something, they don't really know, because it is an unconscious behavior. Thought Process - In terms of studying? Do you use mind maps? I recently looked at Freemind which is an open source mind mapping tool and I have previously tried mind mapping and thought they were really useful but I used them for a short while and never gotten around using them. They say if you do something continuously for 21 days then it becomes a habit. The problem is 21 days is a long time . My point being, how can you use techniques that would help with your learning style effectively (Visual, Auditory or Kinaesthetic). Is there anything that you do that gets you to reach a peak performance state? When reading, how do you read? Has anyone tried speed reading or photo reading? What are your thoughts on this? There is so much out there to read and understand but how can we effectively learn all of this? Walt Disney used to have 3 rooms where he used to work. The first one was the Dreamer room where he would go and dream and just dream. The second one was his planning room where he would go and plan out in detail what he dreamt and the last room was the critic room where he would look at his plans and constructively critic them (but not his dream, just the plans). And I am sure everyone would agree, He did pretty well. So the question is, What is your technique? Nutrition- Do you take any nutrition supplements that help? I have heard that taking in a Vitamin B spectrum multivitamin can help and there are many other supplements around which are meant o. But what about the food you eat? What are your eating habits. Do you eat particular foods more. Do you tend to take in more caffeine? Keeping your brain active Do you play Brain Training on your DS? Do you play Sudoku or solve crossword puzzles? Do you do anything that helps you unwind or give your brain a break and does this help with your learning? What I really want to get from this post is to probe more and find out what the secrets are of excellent achievement and hopefully the views we receive would help the community. Please share as much as you can. Have a great day
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    Happy Birthday Fs

  3. debratd

    This Forum Is Dead

    By all means, we should be discussing alot of these things. Yes, it is unforunate that since thre are not very many people pursuing CWNP certifications as compared to others like Microsoft and Cisco but there is alot to learn in wireless. There is wireless included in Cisco certifications as well and its a technology that will be used alot in the future as it is growing. In the past we have had times when the forum becomes active for a while then gets dead as well. Many people just come to look for resources and then tend to have a look in the shares section. Maybe alittle bit of effort from more enthusiastic people can help bring life back to it. We dont just have to talk about CWNP or Cisco Wireless Certifications, anything to do with wireless technologies can be discussed here. Lets spice up this forum alittle bit.
  4. debratd

    Problem With Wirlless

    Yes, N30N1X is right, You first need to look at what is going wrong in your setup. Sometimes 1 AP is enough to handle everything, I have a setup where 20 PC's and sometime more are using one Wireless AP and it works fine, no complaints. Use an analyser, maybe like Omnipeek Personal, wireshark or anything and have a look at whats goign wrong. There are many other factors that can cause interference as well, so changing your channel could be a good idea also. Have you tried increasing the power on your AP and settings on your wireless devices as well? What distance do these 10 PC's span? are there any other wireless devices operating within? any cordless phones? Microwaves? there is quite abit to look at, don't buy any more AP untill you have identified what the problem is.
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    Happy Birthday Phybr

    Happy Birthday Phybr
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    Hi Need Ur Experiance Suggestion

    Hi cbmohan, Its good to know that you want to learn about wireless technologies. But, since you asked for advice, what I would say is forget about the exam at the moment. If your focus is on learning, then I would say get yourself a book and start learning the basic concepts of wireless. Do you have any other IT experience? an understanding of protocols? Give yourself a warm up, look for different resources and start understanding core concepts of the subject. Once you are more familiar with it then try and get some equipment that you can mess around with, use your curiosity, go deeper into the subject, start discussing with your freinds/peers, Experiment. Read more, read articles on the web, Try and understand how wireless technologies are being used currently. Once you are in a good rhythm and have more knowledge and experience, then think about the exam, look through the cwnp website, look at the objectives, try and see what you need to learn, and then start working on this. All you need to pass this exam is an attitude that will ensure you put in the effort to learn the subject. Thats it. Good Luck
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    Exchange 2000 To Exchange 2003 Migration

    Thanks for the input codeunit, bio. At the moment what I did was just move 2 mailboxes back to the old server which has the adsl connection and has exchange 2000 on it. They can send email with attachments without any problems now. I did not know why it was doing that because it was just the two mailboxes. For one I installed office SP2, coz I thought that may be the problem, but that did not make a difference. As suggested by bio, I will have another member server running and then install exchange on this and then move the mailboxes. Hopefully this should work. But, can anyone think of why those 2 mailboxes were having that problem, because if it was dns settings, then it would affect everyone. Regards, debratd
  8. debratd

    Exchange 2000 To Exchange 2003 Migration

    Thanks for the info codeunit, well to be honest, I just did it without looking at much of the documentation, and dont have previous exchange information, anyways, just want to get it running, then I am thinking I will get another exchange server running on a member server and then move the mailboxes. At the moment the users are having their mailboxes on the new exchange2003 server, but I have a weird problem, when users send emails with attachments they return back a dns error from the server. This doesn't happen with normal emails. I checked the event id's for these errors: Event ID 3018 Category NDR Source: MSExchangeTransport Description: A non-delivery report with a status code of 5.4.0 was generated for recipient rfc822;emailaddress (Message-ID <B684582F0FA3DB4D9351998FDD1BE9F301AB7C@newserver.domain.UK.NET>). Causes: This message indicates a DNS problem or an IP address configuration problem Solution: Check the DNS using nslookup or dnsq. Verify the IP address is in IPv4 literal format. This is only happening with selective users, not all of them, when trying to send a message with attachments, it even happened with HTML messages. Any thoughts on this?
  9. debratd

    Exchange 2000 To Exchange 2003 Migration

    Hey Bio, No, I moved the mailboxes in the evening, and had both servers on till the next morning, so about 12 hours before I shut down the other server and made the new one online. I was looking at the event log and I saw the following service failures on that day. Process MAD.EXE (PID=3560). All Global Catalog Servers in use are not responding: Unexpected error The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted. Facility: Win32 ID no: c007054b Microsoft Exchange System Attendant occurred. The MAD Monitoring thread was unable to read its configuration from the DS, error '0x80010002'. Microsoft Exchange System Attendant reported an error '0xc1034a70' in its DS Monitoring thread. Warnings An error occurred while starting the Microsoft Exchange POP3 Service: server instance number 1 failed to start with error 0x80004005. MS DTC could not correctly process a DC Promotion/Demotion event. MS DTC will continue to function and will use the existing security settings. Error Specifics: d:\srvrtm\com\complus\dtc\dtc\adme\uiname.cpp:9280, Pid: 1744 No Callstack, CmdLine: C:\WINDOWS\system32\msdtc.exe Process INETINFO.EXE (PID=2020). Topology Discovery failed, error 0x80040952. The Microsoft Exchange Site Replication Service could not initialize its Exchange database (EDB) and returned error 1. The Site Replication Service will wait in a semi-running state so the database can be restored from backup and the SRS can mount it. An error occurred while starting the Microsoft Exchange IMAP4 Service: server instance number 1 failed to start with error 0x80004005. The wierd thing is at the moment when certain users try and send html emails or emails with attachments then they bounce back as undeliverables while normal emails dont. Would you know why this is happening? Also, one of the users mailbox gives an 0x8004060c Message store hase reached its maxiumum size error, even though there are no limits set on the exchange server. Debratd
  10. debratd

    Exchange 2000 To Exchange 2003 Migration

    Ok, this is the scenario. Was wondering if anyone can throw light on the situation. I had exchange 2000 running on win2k server server.domainname..uk.net, I setup another server, win 2003 r2- server2.domainname.uk.net as a domain controller and installed exchange 2003 on this. When I look at the exchange systems manager, I could see both the exchange servers and the mailboxes in these. From active directory users and computers, I used the exchange tasks to move a mailbox from the old server to the new server. This was successful. So later on I moved all the mailboxes to the new server, using the same procedure. Once all the mailkboxes were moved I shut down the previous server and then replaced it with this one. Everything was fine apart from the exchange, when I started the server, The information store, systems attendant and MTA stacks services failed to start and wouldn't start manually also. I tried troubleshooting, but couldn't figure out what to do. When I started up the previous server, I realised that users can view their mailboxes, but I couldn't view the mailboxes from exchange. Since everyone was getting impatient, I put back the old server. Again the new ex2003 server still did not have services running. But all users were able to access their mailboxes which were sitting on this server. After some time the services came back on. Now the situation is that all the mailboxes are on the new exchange server but it seems like the old server is still being used as a rleay to send messages. I guess maybe I dont have a good understanding of how exactly thiis works. But it looks like I need to do some procedures before I can fully decommission my old exchange server and roll out my new server. Can anyone share some views on this? Debratd
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    Exchange 2000 To Exchange 2003 Migration

    Thanks for the tips guys. I actually had installed exchange 2003 on a domain controller. I moved all the mailboxes from the exchange 200 to exchange 2003. Now I dont know what i did wrong. I shut of the other server and replaced it with the new one, but when I started it up then some of the exchange server services did not start up. The MTA stack, Information store didnot start up. Does anyone know what could have caused this and what i can do to rectify, I am trying to manually start the serices but it dosn't work. I have started up the other server, funny thing is everyone can see their mailboxes at the moment, I dont know how thats working, but they cant recieve emails, the POP3 has started so thats working. Let me know what you think
  12. debratd

    Exchange 2000 To Exchange 2003 Migration

    Well, that is a good idea, but at the moment we havent got a licence for exchange 2007 yet, we are due to get it in some time, but I dunno when that will come, so I might as well put it up to 2003 then will upgrade it to 2007 later on.
  13. debratd

    Exchange 2000 To Exchange 2003 Migration

    I was just looking at the options I have in exchange, so if I use the active directory users and computers and use the exchange tasks to move the mailboxes then that should work, I will try that out with a test mailbox and see if it works.
  14. debratd

    Exchange 2000 To Exchange 2003 Migration

    Thanks for the reply screeeeeem, Actually did not realise had put in the wrong section, it shows, I dont really visit much of the microsoft forum. Moved to the correct section Debratd
  15. Hello, Was wondering if anyone could help me out with some advice on an exchange migration I am trying to carry out. I currently have a setup with exchange 2000 running on a windows 2000 server domain in a small network. We have about 15 mailboxes, so not alot of data. I have currently setup and added a Windows 2003 domain controller to the domain. I have installed exchange 2003 on this. I have run the adprep/forestprep tools on the windows 2000 server. What is the best way for me to migrate all the exchange mailboxes from the existing exchange 2000 server onto the exchange 2003 server? the migration wizard will not work because they are both in the same domain. Could you direct me to some resources I can use? I havent really used exchange previously, so was getting confused about this. Thanks, debratd