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    REAL LAB CCSP based on CCIE Security v3 POD

    well upen singh, absolutly all the equipment are my own, i currently move from another city and i had all the equipment at one room in my apartment, if you like i could take a picture of it to prove you i'm real and not a cisco training institute as you stated before
  2. Egarcio Orellanaz

    VOIP Lab - 2811 w/vic2-2fxo

    it¡s not necesary, just add in the voice-port the caller-id enable command like this voice-port 0/0/0 pre-dial-delay 2 no comfort-noise timeouts call-disconnect 1 timeouts wait-release 1 timing guard-out 1000 connection plar opx 101 music-threshold -10 caller-id enable cheers