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    any arabian living in usa or europe

    allycum to u too or whatever you guys say, Cisco certs are universal you can use it anywhere its the same all over
  2. labproctor

    CCIE R&S - Passed!

    congrats, which site? who was your proctor?
  3. labproctor

    discontiguous non-zero area

    this is the MOST BASIC ccie level question in the history of the exam. if you can get this you really need to be doing a ccna. its q's like this that make the full hard worked ccie's look like frauds, i see them everyday at the lab.
  4. labproctor

    How to remotly switch on/off routers

    u need apc masterswitch
  5. labproctor

    Switch>Router Redundant links

    you need adaptor teaming.