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  1. Dear Friends, I have Cisco 881 series ISR router, i want to reset it. I have tried to reset it with the button available, back of it with no success. The following steps i have done with no success: 1.Restart the router and press the reset button within 5 sec no success, it went to NVRAM mode. As i want it to go for ROMMON mode. 2.Restart it and press the reset button for 30 sec with no success. 3.I read in technical documentation to press the "break key" from keyboard but my keyboard does not have the break key. Any other option to break this from loading from NVRAM?? Thank's in advance..
  2. ismail_wajeed

    How i can see for which modus a Cisco 1130 Ag

    pls ask the question in logical form? repeat it
  3. confirm that they are in same subnet.
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    R12 Exams

    dude i too was looking for it if you receive,pls forward on ismail.wajeed@gmail.com Thank's in advance.
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    advanced template on 4510 aggregator switch.

    advanced template on 4510 aggregator switch wi th all new technology. The structure of network is 1gb link is going to every user. With technology like BGP,IP Multicast,Routing Protocol etc.