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  1. Hi, I have configured SIP trunk to the provider. I experience 2 problems: 1. All my internal numbers tries to register to the ITSP SIP 2. My SIP number registration status is YES but Peer is -1. What does it mean? Is it operational? CME001#show sip register status Line peer expires(sec) registered P-Associ-URI ================================ ========== ============ ========== ============ 1001 20006 72 no 1002 20007 72 no 1003 20008 72 no 3101000 -1 43 yes 5000 20003 37 no 5001 20027 37 no CME001#
  2. Hi guys, I am working with a cluster over WAN. So it is a single CUCM Cluster over WAN. My PUB and 2xSUBs are in HQ and 2xSUBs in BR1. I have auto-reg enabled with the range of 51000-51099 numbers on HQ SUBs for HQ phones. Now, I need to enable auto-reg on BR1 SUBs with the range of 61000 - 61099 for BR1 phones. Theproblem is all my phones regardless the location get the same range, that's 51xxx. Anyone knows how to do it site-specific so that BR1 gets 61xxx? Your input is much appreciated Earliest thanks
  3. ITPro999

    DHCP over L3 EtherChannel

    SVIs on all switches? I tried SVI but it didn't work. I am able to ping from 3560 switch to the L3 Port-channel address as well as to my VLAN Gateway (SVI) on the core. Any idea what else I am missing?
  4. ITPro999

    DHCP over L3 EtherChannel

    I have 2 core switches (cisco 3750G-stacked) running DHCP on it. See the diagram below: CORE 3750 ---------------------------------------------------- 3560 ----------------------- HP 2610 STACK DHCP --------------------------------------------------- DLSW ----------------------- ACSW01 vlan10 L3 FEC L2 FEC LACP vlan20 vlan30 So, the problem is users connecting to HP2610 cannot get IP addresses. I believe it is because of ip-helper address configuration. I just need to know what address should I use for the DHCP Relay Agent? - the L3 FEC Interface ( or a VLAN SVI (say, 30.1, etc.) for a corresponding VLAN? Thanks
  5. No, I don't mean WiFi guest users. They bring their own AP or AP-sort of devices.
  6. Hi guys, I am setting up a WLAN and get confused with channels that I can use and offer to my guests. It is a large hall and has several Wireless APs. Because this hall is also used by our clients who usually bring their own Wireless AP-sort of devices, my WLAN as well as their WLAN become undesirable. All devices use 2.4GHz. Can I use channels 1,6, and 11 and let my guests use 2 and 8 and/or 3 and 9 in order to keep interference lower and improve WLAN performance? All devices are in the same large hall 30mx30m or so. Earliest thanks
  7. Hi guys, My company is renewing all IT infrastructure and I need to offer them an ideal/decent network equipment/cabling, etc.. This is a 6-storey building and we have about 25-30 nodes each floor. So overall, we are talking about up to 200 users. They want VoIP on the floor 3 only, the President Office. Only engineering department has huge files like drawings and all other deps use normal light data (email, word processor, etc.) Can anyone guide me by giving some details of suggested diagram/equipment/cabling or just refer me to a relevant link please? If they use VOIP, is it important to have Cat6 cabling for a building or if old Cat5 should be ok? When would it matter? Thanks a lot.
  8. ITPro999

    H225 timers

    Hi Can anyone can explain the practical difference between 'h225 timeout setup {value}' and 'h225 timeout tcp establish {value}'? Earliest thanks.
  9. ITPro999

    Partition and CSS

    It looks all right. However, I don't see a PT for area-specific emergency numbers and the service numbers.
  10. ITPro999

    Basic config. guide for CUCM7

    Thanks for you reply. Won't I need DHCP/TFTP enabled then? Can I enable them on CUCM itself?
  11. Hi guys, I have a very simple network set up on my VMWare. 2 PCs and CUCM7, all in the same subnet. Now, I want to configure basics of CUCM so that these 2 phones can communicate. Does anyone have a good link/info about how to start? Thanks.
  12. ITPro999

    Linux System Backup

    Hi guys, I have Call MAnager installed on LInux. I need to take a system backup and config. backup. Can anyone please guide me how I can do these? I am very new to Linux. Thanks, in advance.
  13. Hi guys, I wanna see the differences, advantages and disadvantages of wireless radio system and fiber connection for a distance of 3 km or over. I am looking for technologies that can offer at least 900 Mbps. Can anyone please guide me on this? I would be grateful if you let me know what link I can study to see them. Thanks a lot.
  14. ITPro999

    XFP Testing

    I need to order the cable to use but I don't know what part-code it is. Can you help with this? Thanks
  15. ITPro999

    XFP Testing

    Hi I have XFP-10GLR-OC192 and I wanna put data through it. I don't know what connector/GBIC/SFP and cable do I need on the other end. XFP is inserted in an SPA card. Any suggestion? Thanks.