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  1. Hello! i have 2Mbps of bandwidth.i configured DMVPN on router. one spoke is connected with HUB. i want to dedicate 512kbps or 1MB for that spoke and want to allocate rest of the bandwidth to my local LAN. what should i do?? please have a look at the below link, will it be appropriate in case of DMVPN??? http://blog.ipexpert.com/2010/02/08/quality-of-service-for-vpn-part-3-dmvpn/ please guide me what will be the recommended way????
  2. MaliKue

    cisco port adapter type 216 unknown

    have u enabled HTTPS server in router???
  3. MaliKue

    Juniper Training

    i belong to Pakistan. as i saw many hangging banners for CCNA,CCNP,CCIP,CCSP and CCIE trainings but i could not see any such advertisement for Juniper. if i want to get trainig in juniper than can any one let me know the institute in Pakistan. i will be very thankfull to U.
  4. MaliKue

    router#debug ip packet

    its a Cisco router 2800 series
  5. MaliKue

    router#debug ip packet

    i 100% agree with you that we should not use debug ip packet on production router. but let suppose if want to see that user from particular ip is reaching my router or not then how can i verify it on router???what should be the way for that?? one more thing, may be i m diverting from topic my router restarts 5 hours ago and i saw below message in show version. System returned to ROM by bus error at PC 0x42176F98, address 0x813B at 22:34:55 UTC Thu Nov 25 2010 what is that??either it is IoS bug?? or some memory overflow??
  6. MaliKue

    router#debug ip packet

    it means there is no other option rather to Restart the router.
  7. MaliKue

    router#debug ip packet

    but when u enable debugging on live router then u hardly get chance to write any command it. can we enable debugging for specified period of time???/
  8. MaliKue

    router#debug ip packet

    let suppose i give this command on live router router#debug ip packet then how can i disable it on running router??
  9. MaliKue

    cisco pix vpn configuration

    it can be achieved by using Remote Access VPN.
  10. MaliKue


    users can access Internet, its ok. have u tried to access your switch/router from Internet???
  11. MaliKue


    if we configure policy based routing then do we need to add default router?????then how anyone can access our router??if we give two default routes then i think router will confused where to send the packet???
  12. MaliKue

    Syslog server

    thanks for reply. what will be the commands to configure syslog server on cisco router/switch??? i download and installed the kiwi syslog server.is there any config in kiwi syslog server or just install and run on default configurations???
  13. MaliKue

    Syslog server

    Dear All, kindly help me about syslog server. what it is???what is the configuration steps for it???how can i get benefits from it??
  14. MaliKue


    is it necessary to add 2 default routes?? how switch will distinguish between two it???in PBR is it necessary to add default router??
  15. i run RIP ver2 on outside and inside of the ASA. but routes were not seen at each side i.e, RouterA and RouterB. thats y i asked to allow routing protocol traffic from ASA.