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  1. I am looking for a certification in Virtualization, would like to know where to start and which books to study ... Thank you,
  2. Hello All Sadikhov members, I would like to thank you all for your help and the material you all have provided on this forum, I can say that their is no other forum like this. My special thanks to K.Hasan. I have passed all but one paper, my last one is CSVPN, I hope I pass that one, scheduled for tomorrow. Thanks all Keep this forum up and running, Regards, Bunny
  3. Hello mod, Please close this Topic, I have found the books link from Cisco Shares. Thank you Bunny
  4. Hello Everyone, I am looking for Cisco press book for the Cisco exam 642-532. Really appreciate if someone can tell me where to download it from. Thank you Bunny
  5. Hello Everyone, I am new to this site and happy to be a part of this forum. Awesome site.. Thanks Bunny
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