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  1. gtrasi

    An Interesting Email

    Hey Gromeo...did u really reply to that mail! Whch bank did u go to? Well thank god, it could hav been much worse.
  2. gtrasi

    Smps 24 Pin To 20 Pin

    If ur talking about ATX 2.0 spec then its no problem since its backward compatible! Just plugin ur new SMPS in the old machine leaving behind ur 4 empty pins... Check out sites such as "www.antec.com"
  3. gtrasi

    Faulty Ram?

    "IRQ_NOT_LESS_THAN_EQUAL" I got this error a couple of days ago and this happnd when i was having a network problem. Actually LAN that i use to connect to my ISP wasnt function'g properly..the link used to go up/down continously...and so eveytime it asked for a new ip addr and somtimes it said that "ip address couldnt be renewed"..limited or no connectivity... And suddenly that pc crashed(happnd first time in 2yrs since installing XP)... This problem dissapeared when i disabled my LAN...First i thght this was happng becuz of XP updated since thats the only change i hav made...and probably becuz of som curropt LAN card drivers... it got figured out.
  4. gtrasi

    Power Supply

    Get an Antec TruPower 440W+...and u wont regret it!
  5. gtrasi

    No Video Output Ibm Netvista 6049-b29

    If ur mobo doesnt giv any BIOS beep codes...then it perhaps is a faulty mobo. hav u given a thought to changing the CMOS battery? And same with the monitor... As ur mobo has an AGP card then perhaps the slot has been damaged. Ok once this happnd to me too...the video just used to dissapear after a while. I checked the card and it was wrking out fine..but u know wht..the AGP connectors had little black spots on it! In desparation i took a compass and strted scratching on those gold(and fragile) connectors!...and presto it worked! I dont recommend u do this...perhaps the card wasnt sitting properly in the slot...try and u will wrk out a solution.
  6. gtrasi

    A New Car From Bill Gates

    Nice one Apeksha...can mak it short though.
  7. gtrasi

    AMD64 OR Intel 6xx Series

    Checkout articles in www.tomshardware.com in the CPU section and decide for urself!
  8. gtrasi

    What Is The Best Dvd Burner?

    Lite-ON is one of the "Pioneers" of Burng world... I prefer Sony(mostly made by Lite-ON), and Plextor & Co are unaffordable for me. Avoid Samsung as much as possible.
  9. gtrasi

    Which Hard Drive Would You Recommend?

    Seagate is my choice. Go for Sata only if ur going for high data transfer/gaming whch needs lots of loading stuff into/outof RAM. Otherwise PATA is good enough. In som posts i hav read negative thngs @ MAxtor and the surprises me! Is Maxtor really that bad...it does get good reviews though.
  10. gtrasi

    How Do You Deal With Stress?

    hello, when i am stressed out... My idea of dealing with stress is to make others stressed out.. heehee.. (this is OFF record) PS: Apeksha's post/reply is really good.
  11. gtrasi

    How To Manage Bandwidth Of Website

    Hey buddy, why havnt u mentioned the name of ur website ?
  12. gtrasi

    Win32/rbot Trojan

    Which firewall are u using...I got Zonelabs but iam having a problem. The thing is that its not behaving as it should be...after a while my internet connection just doesnt respond until i shut down the firewall. Also uploading traffic wass showing too much activity. So wht i did was shutdown the firewall and ran an AVG scan..and whoa i got 4 trojans/viruses( same ones that i got earlier ...if u remember my post about a month ago...Winole.exe, Juntador etc..) I now hav a free latest version of zonelabs but...just now i discovered a hidden file in System32 folder "mousehs.exe"..no thsi file is certainly no Billgates blessing...i was sure...no AVG didnt detect anythng wrong but i had som doubts whch got created when in the taskmanger/process window I terminated that particular file only to find it again at the bottom of the pane...so I terminated again...and it was in the middle of it!...Can u believe that! I went in safe mode and deleted that damn file. Anyway Zonelabs taking a bit too long to load(its wasnt lik that that last time I installed it)...so Iam looking forward to ETrust ,isnt that a cousin of ZoneLabs? Sorry i cant hlp u out with ur dilemma... GoodLuck.
  13. gtrasi

    Video Card Difference

    Check out this TomsHardware guide page about Display cards...and u will know all the diff between FX5200 and today's cards. http://www20.graphics.tomshardware.com/gra..._charts-01.html
  14. gtrasi

    Trojans Detected!

    Can any1 shed som light on why Iam getting errors lik "Error 1606: Diskeeper service failed to start. pLz check if u hav privilages" This happnd while installing Diskeepr s/w. Even when I hav all rights as admin Iam not able to strt som services and install s/w in another partition "D:\ProgramFiles" I hav never encountered these errors be4!
  15. gtrasi

    Browser Security Test

    Displayed my drive too! Using ZoneAlarm NTFS but no SP2