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  1. Hi friends!

    At no special place! i've married back in 2008, in 2009 i've started a graduation (night) at University that i completed in 2012. In January 2013 my first child was born Now i've returned back home at sadikhov Best regards, Goodspeed
  2. After 7 long years

    Hi, I've been away for a long time too! Remember that old days back in 2004 Mip104 you're a old timer here, is there any other old timers around besides mip and FS Best regards.
  3. Portuguese People

    Boas pessoal, Já não vinha aqui há muito tempo! O pessoal português continua a vir ao forum? Abraços
  4. Hi friends!

    Hi all, Been away for sooooooooooooooooooo long Hope everyone is ok around here! Any veteran from old days around here? Regards to all, Goodspeed
  5. Hi mates!!!

    Long time no see, how're people from my time,



  6. Taking "novell Clp"(suse-10) Exam Next Week

    Hi, I have to take EMC Celerra & CLARiiON certifications anyone around here took those recently? I have to start with E20-001 exam, any thoughts about this one? Thanks in advance, Goodspeed
  7. Where To Start In HP Certs

    Hi there, Since you already have HP student ID you can go here and login: hxxp://www.hp.com/partnerlearning/conversion/ Inside you've all information related to path's and certifications, HP have several levels of integration certs (APC, AIS, ASE, MASE ASE), pré-sales, and sales related to software and hardware (storage and servers), better see yourself inside Regards, Goodspeed
  8. ~passed~ 70-640

    Hi, Passed this one some days ago, got 42Q no sims, lots of GPO and DNS questions but all are similar!!! Used M$ Press book this time to considate my knowledge. 110min are more than enough to pass this one Going to 642, 643 and 647 to finish MCITP Regards, Goodspeed
  9. What distro to use for LPIC-1

    You can use any distro because it's vendor neutral, altough i recommend Fedora, CentOS, OpenSuse for RPM and Debian for PKG hands on.
  10. I passed LPI 117-101

    Hi, Can you please tell what materials do you've used, i've seen in LPI webpage that exams changed after 1st April!!! Thanks, Goodspeed
  11. HP AIS Storage exams

    Hi, Today i passed HP0-918 and archieved HP AIS Speciality in Data Protector and HP0-J25 to upgrade my AIS StorageWorks to StorageWorks 2008. I work with HP products for a long time so these are simple exams to pass. I'm done for now with HP certs, now i've to go for Windows 2008 Regards, Goodspeed
  12. newbie to LPI

    Hi mate, You can find all information in hxxp://www.lpi.org, be carefull that the LPI exams will change after 1st April. Regards, Goodspeed
  13. MBR issue in dual booting

    Just delete your RH partition, boot to windows recovery console and run the command: # fixmbr #reboot Regards, Goodspeed
  14. Free Training

    Hi, No need to bump old topics (2006?!) CLOSED.
  15. Problem solved. Topic closed Regards, Goodspeed