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    Not that I approve of putting anyone down.....but this is sorta funny. hahaha
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    This is by far the most official response I've heard about the new CCNP curriculum. Looks good.
  3. CiscoCubs

    Need help on CCNP ONT exam

    You'll be just fine with the 2610XM and your Catalyst 3550. You'll be able to do all the QoS commands on both the router and switch. Unless you have a traffic generator, you'll most likely won't be able to test the QoS, which is fine. The only other thing you need to worry about is the wireless section. If you read the book thoroughly and watch CBT nuggets, you'll be fine.
  4. CiscoCubs

    CCNP change to a 3 exam format

    I wouldn't worry too much about the change. The last time they made a change to the curriculum, they provided responsible replacements. Cisco will all you to mix and match tests from the old program and the new program. For example the last version consisted of the BSCI, BCMSN, BCRAN, and CIT, so they allowed you mix match depending on what tests you already completed.. BSCI = BSCI BCMSN = BCMSN BCRAN = ISCW CIT = ONT http://ciscocert.custhelp.com/ci/fattach/get/48172/1155659284 Also they was window of about 3-4 months that you choose to take the new tests or the old tests. So if you currently study for a test, you'll have some time to still take the old version before it becomes retired. Now since the rumor says they are going from 4 test to 3 tests, I'm sure what equivalency test will look like. Maybe BSCI = ROUTE, BCMSN = SWITCH, and ONT&ISCW = TSHOOT. I have no idea, your guess will as good as mine. But the bottom line is don't stress the changes, you a pass a test the result will be valid for three years, and Cisco will provide a solution to how it will be used to acquire the certification. Plus the exciting thing about new tests, is they usually go into BETA for a few months, meaning that everyone is allowed to take a BETA test once for free. I'm all for free tests.
  5. CiscoCubs

    More Cisco Changes

    Here's a link to the August news letter for Pearson Vue employees. Scroll down to the Cisco section. This looks like the Beta exams might be coming soon, which could include new CCNP tests. http://www.pearsonvue.com/2009/pvtc/august.html#cisco "Change to Cisco Program Beginning August 24, 2009, you will see many exams appearing twice in Registration Manager. For example, the CCNA exam will appear as 640-802 and 640-802E. Exams ending with an ā€œEā€ are only available to candidates with special authorization from Cisco. If you choose one of these exams when making a registration and the candidate is not authorized to take it, you will receive an error message."
  6. CiscoCubs

    CCNP & new material

    One is the Office Exam Guide the other is the Official Self-Study Guide. I think some people would suggest you read both. Personally I used the Exam Guide, because that's what came in the CCNP Library (which includes the books in all 4 exams). But both of these support the changes you are referencing. The CCNP change was back in 2006, so you'll be safe. Its rumored that Cisco makes changes every 3 years, so we should be coming up on some new changes soon, but nothing has been announced yet.
  7. CiscoCubs

    ONT Topics

    Thanks this does help. This might sound weird, but seeing the topics organized in that expanding tree really helps. I'm already signed up to take the exam August 20th. This will be my third exam of the four. I already took the BSCI and ISCW. Its funny cause even though the book for this exam is almost 50% smaller than any of the other exams, I'm finding studying for the exam to be really boring. I really had to push myself to finish reading the book.
  8. CiscoCubs

    ONT Topics

    This is sort of an obscure question, has anyone come across some good reads for ONT topics (Cisco Whitepapers, etc). I'm current studying for the ONT and I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the different QoS technologies. More specifically I'm trying to understand when to use the different QoS technologies (LAN, WAN, Layer 3, Layer 2, etc.).
  9. CiscoCubs

    new CISCO CCNP track

    Never-mind this is trick....look closely. The date is August 15, 2005. Which was a real update back in 2005. The moderator should close this thread before everyone becomes misinformed.
  10. CiscoCubs

    new CISCO CCNP track

    If they do release new tests, no one has anything to worry about. Last time they updated the tests, there was a 3-4 month grace period were you could still take the old tests. And they allow test takers to mix and match new tests and old tests. I'm all for Cisco upgrading the testing track, but no one has anything to worry about.
  11. CiscoCubs

    Retaking BCMSN exam (what is this mean)

    Free Retake?... No. Pearson vue was running a promotion for free retakes. I used it myself on the BSCI. But I'm pretty sure it ended July 20th. hxxp://www.vue.com/cisco/comeback2009/
  12. CiscoCubs

    Retaking BCMSN exam (what is this mean)

    When you fail an exam, you're not allowed to retake the exam for 5 full days. You're basically blacked-out until August 4th. It's standard Cisco protocol.
  13. CiscoCubs

    BCMSN - 2nd Attempt Failed

    Ya, If I were you I would keep studying for the BCMSN, you already spent the past few months reading and studying. Keep going at it, then when you pass the BCMSN re-take the CCNA. You don't need to have a valid CCNA to take the test, you just need to have a valid CCNA to acquire the cert. I know it sounds backwards, but it will save you so much time.
  14. CiscoCubs

    BCMSN - FAILED 788

    "ComputerDude" is right, unless it says to save the config, you don't have too. Now that I think back can't recall actively saving my config, unless I did it out of habit. Saving your configuration is something a lot of Network Academy instructors tell you, but it all just an urban legend. Usually at the end of your sim question they will tell you what needs to successfully happen (e.g. successful ping). As long as your sim does what it asks you can move on.
  15. CiscoCubs

    GNS3 questions

    You can only drag a router that has an IOS loaded. If you setup a 2600 router IOS then you can only drag 2600 routers to the dashboard. If you haven't setup a 7200 serious router then you won't be able to use it. Also make sure the memory and chassis setting are set correctly.