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    Timezone issue with Juniper SSG5

    There are a lot of log information as follows: "The system clock was updated from primary NTP server type us.pool.ntp.org with an adjustment of 475 ms. Authentication was None. Update mode was Automatic" It means that the time server is OK. The problem is not the NTP server, the problem is that the SSG5 automatically reset it's timezone to 0 after some days. Hao
  2. nguyen hao

    Timezone issue with Juniper SSG5

    Thanks for your idea. Change the sync timer to 360s ? do you mean that change the maximum time adjustment to 360s ? I set it to 0, it means that SSG5 will accept any value from NTP server but the issue still happen. I also tried not using NTP server but the TimeZone still be reset to 0 after some days.
  3. nguyen hao

    Timezone issue with Juniper SSG5

    My company has a firewall Juniper SSG5. I got a requirement to configure so that users cannot access Internet at night. I configured Schedule for the Policy, configured to sync time with NTP server, checked the log and I see that SSG5 sync time with NTP server OK. The issue: After some days SSG5 automatically reset the timezone to 0, not which I set some days before --> time of the SSG5 is wrong --> the policy is applied wrongly. If I Sync Clock on SSG5 with my PC then everything is OK but just some days later, the time zone is reset automatically to 0 again. I tried on two SSG5 and both of them automatically reset timezone to 0 after some days, tried to search but no solution. Please help. Thank you.
  4. Dear all, Please help me an urgent question about Lotus notes 8.5 I want to change the display name on Inbox, My Boss wants that the name will display by the common name first (everybody often call me by Hao so the display name should be Hao Nguyen Duy, when clicking on sort by Who, it is easier to find). I change the firstname, lastname each other on the Company Address Book but the display name always display as before changing (mean that no change at all). I can change so that it display as I would when I send email out, but the problem is in Lotus Notes Client. Thank you
  5. nguyen hao

    Connect to Database on DB2 Server

    Yeah, of course I need ODBC driver. The problem is solved already. Just because I did not know about the port, it is 50000 so could not connect. Now is OK
  6. Does anyone know the way to do as on the following: I have one DB2 Server, I want to connect to Database on the DB2 server from a client computer (such as Windows XP). I will use MS Access to connect to DB2 database over ODBC. I searched on google but not yet found the solution. To Create a DSN on ODBC, we can create it easily on the Server but here I want to create DSN that link to a database on the Server. Thanks for your help a lot.
  7. nguyen hao

    Timer in RIP

    I tried your way and it is really nice. Please help me clarify something: 1. All of the timers are default, I see that after finish invalid timer 180s, the route is applied a hold down timer. R is possibly down, routing via, Serial1/1 after about 60s, it passed flush timer = 240s so the route is deleted then the route to network X over C is installed. I wonder a thing, the holddown timer, it still have 120s to finish, why is the route over C still installed into routing table. Thank you a lot
  8. nguyen hao

    Timer in RIP

    Thanks for your reply. Quite long, I must take time to read
  9. nguyen hao

    Timer in RIP

    There are some wonders, please help me. A ---------------- B (Fa2/0) | | C ----- D -------- X I know that hold down timer mean: When router B advertises X network to A as unreachable, router A will put a hold down timer on the route to X. If there is not any router advertise the route to X with a better metric that B advertised to A -> A does not stop the timer. But it is only the theory. In real life, when I configure, after shutdown Fa2/0, after only some seconds I show ip route and see that router A has already the route to network X over C although the metric which is advertised by C is worse than the metric from B and it should wait until finish hold down timer to update that route. One another problem: Flush timer is 240s, I think that after 240s, router A will delete the route to X via B, but only 3 second, it is deleted already. Any one can explain.