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  1. Study Material for CCNP-ROUTE

    any help?
  2. Study Material for CCNP-ROUTE

    hi guys. can you guys recommend me a good study material for CCNP-ROUTE exam. better if you can propose me a self study kit. thanks
  3. 70-680 - i need your suggestions

    hi lethe.. thanks for the prompt reply. i got Bsc & CCNA, working as a system admin. thought of following a different exam from a different vendor. so what do you think about this exam. is it worth to do when its come to job hunting. just want to know your open answer. because there should be a positive gain for the investment on this exam.
  4. 70-680 - i need your suggestions

    hi all.. after a long time i need to get some ideas from you guys about the exam 70-680. because some of the professionals in the IT field does not recommend microsoft exams. anyway i would like hear you guys suggestions. thanks, echlon
  5. books for linux beginner

    i have gone through " the linux complete refference ". and i would like to have LPI cert as well. can you suggest me a good study material for this exam. thanks guys.
  6. books for linux beginner

    Thanks for the valued feedback.. let you know is there any help after reading this book...
  7. books for linux beginner

    guys please tell me whether this book is good for my requirement McGraw Hill Linux The Complete Reference 6th Edition
  8. books for linux beginner

    what do you think about this book guys...., McGraw Hill Linux The Complete Reference 6th Edition
  9. books for linux beginner

    thanks for the prompt reply brother
  10. guys, whats are the good books for linux beginner learn linux including CLI
  11. CCNA Security

    Thanks this is realy helpfull..
  12. CCNA Security

    what about CBT Nuggets.. is there any sybex version for this.
  13. CCNA Security

    what are the materials do we need to follow for the IINS. please do help
  14. CCNA Security

    hi guys. What do you think about CCNA security. is it worth to do the IINS to find a good job in the market. whats u r suggestion?
  15. ive passed my ccna

    hi all, Thanks for the support and thanks for all the members who given me good advices. finaly i got pass and scored 940.and also whats the link to verify my certification details through cisco, the place where i can enter my cisco ID and see the certificate of the owner..