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  1. Vicky

    Document Locking

    I wish to distribute office &/or pdf document via email or FTP download with restriction such as mentioned below. 1. any one who receives or downloads the doc should only be able to print it once only from the computer that was used to download or receive the doc. 2. one should not be able to copy the doc to some other storage media. Is there a solution for this? Any software or technique that i could use?
  2. hi, when I do a ipconfig/all on a win vista or a win 2008 system i see few adapters named as "Tunnel Adapter Local Area Connection" Just wanted to know 1] why these adapters are created? 2] What are they used for? Thanks
  3. Vicky

    Maximum Addressable Memory?

  4. Vicky

    Maximum Addressable Memory?

    hi, I know what you are saying. You missed the point. The point is that when a motherboard spec say that the maximum RAM is 8 GB, is it that they are specifying the maximum addressable memory thru the moptherbaord hardware or maximum insertable memory in the DIMM slots.
  5. hi, i have know this for more that 2 decades but i am sorry I do not remember the source. But take my word, I do remember for sure, that the subnet mask for the reserved class B IP network is
  6. Vicky

    Maximum Addressable Memory?

    Hi, I have a assembled system with the following configuration. Intel Q6600 - Core 2 Quad Processor @ 2.4 Ghz Intel DQ965GF Mother Board 2GB x 2 & 1GB x 2 modules = Total 6 GB RAM @ 667Mhz GeForce 7300GT Graphic card with 512 MB RAM 1 TB Storage over 3 SATA Disk OS = Vista Enterprise 64 Bit I run a lot of Virtual machines & am currently facing a bottleneck due to the 6GB RAM i have. CPU utilization & Disk performance is not an issue at all. I wish to increase the RAM from 6Gb to 8 GB, which is what the motherboard specs say is the Maximum RAM i can have over the 4 slots of memory. If I upgrade the RAM from 6Gb to 8GB, will my system be able to address the extra 512 MB RAM on my Graphic card ? Just need to now for sure before I buy two new 2GB DIMM
  7. Your query doesn't seem to give a clear picture of what & how you are doing things or your working environment. Please provide details of how you access your email, what client u use ................
  8. Dear All, I have been having sleepless nights, just because my self updation/study is suffering & my future advances seem to slow down for one reason. I have been relying entirely on VMWare workstation to test & study new products, especially from MS. With operating architecture making a shift from 32 bit to 64 bit, its become imperative for me to try/study these product before I use them in commercial environment for our organization. Not that we don't have 64 bit HW, but I would love to do this in Virtual environment before the final deployment. It would save me a lot of time & frustration to achieve my goals. The new Intel VT technology claims to support HW virtualization, but there is no clear documentaion of what & how these technology could be used. Is there anyone who has tried these HW Platform supporting Intel VT Technology. I would want to be sure before I make an investment in such HW. I would love to have a Desktop/workstation grade system with vmware workstation that would allow me to run 64 bit MS OS + 64 App's as virtual machine. I have tried doing this on a 64 bit pentium 4 HT hw platform with 64 bit Host OS, but vmware does not support 64 bit OS as virtual machine though the option is available. Could some please share his experience or suggest a solution with the right desktop/workstaion HW config & strictly sticking to use of VMWARE workstation & no other VMWare product. I want mind using Virtual PC or Virtual Server from MS but that too does not support the things that I wish to do. Desperately hoping someone to show me a way. Vicky
  9. Quite Interesting Situation ! When you say "removed all visible entiries from the ADS and DNS" Please tell What is it that you removed? Also what did you do to the actual Windows server & Exchange installation you had?
  10. Vicky

    Dns For Dc

    Hope ur r aware of what it means to do what u wish to do. and Hope u r also aware of what kind of Records u will have to create in the standalone dns u wish to create for ur AD domain based network. What u r wanting to do is not impossible but something that is not recommended. Let me know what record types u will create in ur standalone DNS n I will then tell u what I have in my mind.
  11. believe me even most of the vendors who sell u product many not have the complete licensing knowledge. Usually these people end up in making u buy more or less licenses. half knowledge is dangerous, but full knowledge is difficult to gain & is only possible thru experience & some smart thinking. licensing is a complex thing in a large environment
  12. Vicky

    Dns Forwarders

    if one dns server cannot resolve a dns query it will forward the query to the next dns server that it is aware of.
  13. Vicky

    Server 2003 Mirror

    you need to modify the boot.ini file modify the ARC path that will now point to the second hdd usually u could create a boot fd if that is allowed on ur server. Just have ntldr , ntdetect.com, boot.ini, & possibly a 4th file ntbootdd.sys which is only available if ur scsi controllers are wo a scsi bios
  14. DNS Server Explained in brief * Primary DNS - A DNS Server that maintains a read/ write copy of DNS data * Secondary DNS - A DNS Server that maintains a read only copy of DNS data * Caching DNS - Temporary data storage until time to live period * Forward Lookup Zone - you query the DNS server with a name space ie www.xyz.com & the DNS server will respond by providing the associated IP address * Reverse Lookup Zone - you can query the DNS server with a IP address & the DNS server will respond by providing the associated name space - such zones are typically used for security checks * Recursive DNS Query - a DNS query that keeps getting forwarded from one DNS server to another in the chain of DNS server until it is resolved * Iterative DNS Query - a DNS query that is dropped if the first DNS server cannot resolve it there is more to all this, if u r looking 4 ir , pl send me a PM
  15. I have a website hosted on windows /iis platform. I wish to be able to accept online payments those would get deposited in our bank account. what r the requirments & how do i go about setting it up? thanks vicky