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    Re-route PRI traffic via MPLS WAN link

    Could any one help me for the below BCP plan. We are several small remote sites connecting to Core Datacenter via WAN MPLS link. All sites local cisco phones are registered in the call manager in Core DC. All remote sites having seperare PRI lines for outbound calls. My question if the local PRI circuit went down, then is it possible to re-route the remote site PRI traffic via WAN MPLS. So the PRI down remote site PRI traffic should go via Core DC site PRI line. I'm not an expert in networking. Need your idea, re-route config (both source and destination end) for doing this BCP plan.
  2. praveendingu

    DHCP Detention methods

    Some one please explain the difference between ping and Gratious ARP DHCP detention methods? We have configured DHCP in core switch and getting conflict IP's with above Detention methods. sh ip dhcp conflict IP address Detection method Detection time VRF Gratuitous ARP Jun 07 2014 03:00 PM Ping Jun 07 2014 03:22 PM
  3. praveendingu

    Replacing Defective router

    I'm going to replace a defective cisco router. The existing router is already in Tacas Athentication. What are the steps I need to follow apart fro copying the running config into new router flash from the existing(defective) router.
  4. praveendingu

    Q.850 and Q.931

    Any please help me to get the Q.850 cause code or Q.931 Error message records from a Cisco router (gateway). Any commands to pull those records? Pl share more details... Thanks
  5. praveendingu

    Router Auto reboot

    Yes...we found there some issues in rack ups power supply. We found this after seeing the switch logs, which is connected to the same rack. Thanks Darby...
  6. praveendingu

    Router Auto reboot

    My cisco router 2800 is getting auto reboot few times.The router logs showing its normal reload and some system time update happened (from UTC to PST to PDT) which was configured via console port. How this happening automatically. Any options to prevent this?
  7. praveendingu

    BGP logs

    How to pull BGP logs for BGP reset sessions and how we can identify(example please). Is it possible to pull old BGP logs(history)? how? What are the other tshoot commands we can use for WAN link failure(from cusotmer point of view not ISP)?
  8. praveendingu

    WAN links difference

    Could any one diffrentiate MPLS vs Leased line vs VPN links. Please mention the min and Max bandwidth, Cost effective, any distance limitations, security, most preferred by companies, etc
  9. praveendingu

    CUCM Simulator

    Hi.....Is there any simulator available for cisco voice(cucm). Please..
  10. praveendingu

    SQL express error

    Getting the below errro while starting the sql config manager services. "The request failed or the service did not respond in a timely fashion. Consult the event log or other application error logs for details." My application and database are in same machine. Unable to connect the database getting error 26 and 40.
  11. praveendingu

    BGP configuration crashed

    Hi , My BGP configuration got crashed out(lossed) after the cisco router(2911) IOS upgrade. After IOS upgrade I have reloaded the router and the network connection got lost. I have tried to login the router via serial connection(pc to console port), but its asking the enable password and my passwords are not worked. Later I have tried with the cisco password recovery options and logged in. Is both BGP config crash and enable password crashed are related one. Why this happened during the IOS upgrade. Any preventive measures there to avoid this issues in future? Please... Upgraded IOS version is c2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.151-4.M4.bin Thanks
  12. praveendingu

    Flash Card for upgrade

    Is it possible to increase flash memory greater than DRAM? If suppose my current flash memory is 256 and DRAM is 512. Shall I upgrade flash to 1GB keeping DRAM as 512Mb?
  13. praveendingu

    Flash Card for upgrade

    Hi Thanks for the reply. For cost saving we are planning for Non-Cisco recommended Flash cards. Is there any online order available ? Is it possible to upgrade DRAM for cisco 2811, 3845, 2821 models. Is DRAM are inbuilt one or Is't possible to upgrade? Thanks.
  14. praveendingu

    Flash Card for upgrade

    Hi All, Someone please recommended a 1 GB flash card, which is not a Cisco recommended one. Router models:- cisco 2811 cisco 3845 cisco 2821
  15. Any one please explain or differentiate the WAN link(T1, T3, DS3, MLPPP and ethernet). There Bandwidth support, VoIP & data support,Which one is suitable for enterprises, Most popular, etc... Thanks