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  1. Good IT job site

    *All in One for bangladeshi Jobs site* .: http://www.bdjobssite.co.cc/ .: "Best of Luck"
  2. I’m really very happy to being with such a wonderful forum and I wanna convey thankx those guys who voted me for nomination. I hope in future more informative post will be here from me…

  3. mmc=Money management console

  4. Congrats! on being Best Poster in March :)

  5. ASA in GNS on win

    Its working perfect.. Thank you
  6. ASA in GNS on win

    Hi Saket, I follow the step by step (configure in GNS3-0.7-win32-all-in-one(latest version not GNS3-0.7RC1-win32-all-in-one) Edit --> Preference --> Qemu --> ASA Initrd --> asa.gz (Its unpacked file) Kernel -- > vmlinuz kernel cmd Line --> auto console=ttyS0,9600 bigphysarea=16384 ide1=noprobe Its working perfect.. Thank you
  7. ASA in GNS on win

    hi dude, I just download those files u posted.Let me try . Thank for posting such a great staff.LOL
  8. Passed CCNA exam today!

  9. Essentia Wifless Wireless product

    Dear Mr.sirkozz, Never mind, that's what info i got from essentia.Thanks for knowing me the truth about essentia opinion.
  10. Essentia Wifless Wireless product

    ---FYI ------ESSENTIA VS CISCO---------
  11. Most Recent Material. CCNA Lammle,etc

    Dude, Todd Lammle beginning his writing career with Microsoft technology, Mr. Lammle has authored over 25 books on Cisco certification subjects. Widely regarded as a best selling author, even surpassing the sales of Cisco Press follow this below link to discuss your specific requirements. http://www.lammlepress.com/ ---Best of luck---
  12. Essentia Wifless Wireless product

    Dear sir, I'm form saudi arabia. And we r gonna import from dubai. Thank you.
  13. Essentia Wifless Wireless product

    Dear sirkozz, About the price no idea. Once we will get it i'll let you know. Thank you sir.
  14. Essentia Wifless Wireless product

    Wifless ESS 24562 - Broadband Wireless ProNode Thanks for your reply