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    ccie security switch 3750x vs 3750

    Actually, I'm on a very tight budget, I found the E used on ebay around 470$ to 600$, so 4 items would be around 2500$. If there is a switch that will work for the lab and its around 100$ to 150$ it would be fine. Thanks.
  2. jimmy88

    ccie security switch 3750x vs 3750

    Many Thanks..
  3. I'm planning to study for ccie security v4.0. I'm thinking to use gns3 with real switches. Cisco equipment list mentioned 3560 and 3750x the last is very expensive, I found used 3750 (not X) on ebay cheap . Is 3750 will be fine instead of 3750x. Another quesstion, How many switches do I need?
  4. jimmy88

    ccie training on Europe or usa

    Anybody knows any institute in Europe or America for ccie security training full long camp let say 6 months, I found only short boot camp 12 day, I found full training but only in India
  5. jimmy88

    ccnp vs ciw

    hello i just want to know which is better for getting more job vacancies having CCNP or CIW certification and which one will give me better position better future