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  1. happy birth day dear

  2. nooch

    Ccie Wireless

    QUOTE (Jason B @ May 30 2009, 07:30 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Actually, the WiSM module requires the Sup720 in the 6500. Perhaps check with your local Cisco rep to see if they have a lab with one. This is true. WiSM functionality is nearly identical to that of a 4404. There are some startup differences, and a few other details, but for the most part - it's the same configuration. The best you can do is read the installation notes, as there are definitely things that you have to do to get a WiSM up and running that you don't need to do for a 440X series WLC.
  3. nooch

    Is my head on backwards?

    I think I know what you are talking about, but be careful. I can just say that from experience I've seen a lot of people think they understand something because they can figure out the commands to implement something, just to end up not understanding what they implemented, and possibly cause unintentional issues. For me, I put a lot of effort into passing the R&S a few years ago and have had trouble getting motivated (until the last month or so). I'm beginning to wonder how some of these people go from not having one CCIE and end up being a triple CCIE a year later. I am typically a pretty motivated guy, but maybe I'm wrong!
  4. nooch

    "Cut-and-dried"? meaning what?

    Usually, when somebody is explaining something and they say "it's very cut and dry", they are trying to tell you that what they are saying is very straight forward.
  5. nooch


    The DC area is OK. I don't think there are to many CCIEs out there that can't find work. If they can't find work, they could be some of the folks that I interviewed that couldn't subnet and didn't know any of the OSPF LSA's. Sadly, the network engineering market is flooded with people that have no clue what they are doing... know your shit and you'll be fine.
  6. nooch

    Hot news

    Guys, If what I'm hearing is correct, I don't have much of a problem with the changes. I have interviewed candidates for jobs at my current position, that were allegedly CCIE's. They couldn't answer basic questions in regards to OSPF. This bothers me. I welcome troubleshooting to the CCIE. The biggest change that is coming IMO is probably the MPLS stuff. MPLS has been rumored an addition for quite some time, and anyone that has paid attention to written blueprints would know this. It is also in the newer ciscopress study guides. What is the concern? If you really are CCIE level, this shouldn't scare you to much. Unless of course, I'm missing something. Regards, Jason
  7. nooch

    Average Salary Of Ccie

    It really depends on what you want to do. You can make a decent amount of money doing the Cisco Reseller/Partner thing. Here were the pay scales as I recall them: Level 4: 90K - 110K Level 5: 110K - 125 Level 6: 125K - 160K There were 20 CCIE's on staff. Most of the CCIE's were given number 4/5 designation. Most of them also fell into Level 4/5 pay. They also paid you 1k a month for keeping your CCIE current. I did not last long at this job. I live in Philadelphia and found myself driving to North Jersey a lot. There are other companies around my area but taking the job means committing to working potentially anywhere in a 5 hour radius whenever required.... That really was of no interest to me. I spent a lot of time doing admin work and was able to learn a bunch during the process about secondary technologies, but I really think there is to much committment/stress to work one of those jobs for a long time. Unfortunately, this probably has a lot to do with the area I live. Philadelphia is not the host of that many top tier technology companies and most Philly integrators focus a lot on the NYC, DC, DE, and ANYWHERE PA. When I had to drive, I usually ended up in my car for at least 4 hours a day and working 8-10 hours a day. I took a Network Architect position with a different company and my commute is 17 minutes, I can wear shorts and flip flops to work, I get paid very well, and no suits What I also have the time to do is independently consult on the side. I've gotten quite a few good deals and even gotten them to commit to weekly minimums, so there is definitely plenty of money to made WITHOUT doing this presales/integration work that some people seem to love.... On the plus side, while I was with that integrator I did get sent to Bermuda to work with a client (wife included)..... The best advice I can give, is getting the CCIE is nice. Best thing that I ever did, but I suggest you consider what kind of position you want or what your goals really are.
  8. nooch

    Feel Like Rocky

  9. nooch

    My First Lab Attempt And I.......

    Good job, and perhaps you provided me a little inspiration as I need to study for the written so I can get mine renewed
  10. nooch

    At The Lab ?

    It may depend on the proctor. I was still smoking during my last (2nd) attempt and the proctor let me go out back to smoke twice I had to call him when I needed to get back in. He was cool about it.
  11. nooch

    At The Lab ?

    nothing external.
  12. nooch

    R&s Other Workbooks

    I can't quantify anything other than a lot of people think it is "most" like the lab.
  13. nooch

    R&s Other Workbooks

    I used two of NLI/CCBootcamp's 5 lab workbooks, NMC, and Internetwork Expert. I found value in each of them and probably wouldn't do it any other way. People like internetwork expert, but I think they like it because it is MOST like the CCIE lab. I for example liked NMC because IMO things were overly complicated and really test thorough knowledge. It really is a matter of personal preference though. Internetwork expert was probably my favorite as I feel it was the most put together.
  14. nooch

    Failed: What Went Wrong?!?

    Focus on reading the actual questions and not so much speed. If you finished an hour before that probably means you didn't read some of the questions and catch some of the pitfalls they were throwing at you. My first lab attempt I made stupid mistakes and missed the passing mark by a few points. I have talked to a lot of folks that fail and they usually end up misreading or just misanswering the question. If you got 35% on IGP, there is something you misread or didn't understand - regardless of being done an hour early.