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  1. On my way to an interview !

  2. KARNA

    Just finished the CCNA Book it took me 2011

    Must appreciate your effort in completing the text within a year. If it is of any consolation - i've been trying to whisk through Odom's ICND 1 & 2 for over two years now! (In between tit-bit jobs-ON & OFF!) I will share some resources that are currently helping me prepare, although i have not cracked the CCNA nut yet. - Jeremy Cioara's CBT Nuggets on CCNA, Video Mentor from CISCO, E-Books on ICND1 & 2. All these are available as torrents on thepiratebay.org - hxxp://www.boson.com/certification/ccna can help you with an exam simulator. If you can get your hands on the activation code for practice exams (comes along with CDs on ICND 1 & 2) then you can practice nearly 160 questions. This would give a feel of what one is up against. - hxxp://www.freeccnaworkbook.com/ Excellent site where you can use a stub lab of real routers and switches for 3 hrs. per day at no charge. FS has described it perfectly on this forum - Please do read his post. - Apart from Packet tracer you can consider installing GNS3 from hxxp://www.gns3.net/ Gives a practical feel. Hope this helps. Wish you the very best with your efforts.
  3. KARNA

    Trouble setting up an Ad-hoc !

    Mates looks like no one had any suggestions or solutions to this problem. Moderators please close this topic since it has failed to get any attention in two weeks.
  4. KARNA

    Trouble setting up an Ad-hoc !

    Hello mates ... Desktop installed with a D - Link Air-plus 520+ WLAN card. Laptop - Dell latitude E6410 with Intel® Centrino 802.11 a/b/g/n and WiMax 802.16e. I am trying to set up an Ad hoc between the two. Enabled Ad hoc on the host desktop and then detected the same on the laptop wireless networks. But it seems to be trying hard to establish the connection and then drops saying " not connected". Tried using open first, then with a WEP and WPA key too. Both the desktop and laptop connects perfectly well to access points in the infrastructure mode. Mates am i missing something over here which i must do to make up a connection ? Note that after establishing this ad-hoc, id like to enable ICS and then share the PPPoE internet on my desktop to the laptop. All suggestions are welcome.
  5. No beating around the bush - " a to the point post". I used to work as an accountant before deciding to further my studies and come into computer networking. The transition was not without pitfalls but now I’m content with this field. Being a fresher can really be testing at times, but I gather articles like these help in keeping focus. Enjoyed reading it! Would recommend it for newbies since it gives a serious glimpse of what one is up against. vsnb - good post.
  6. Still jobless! pretty low market for it in dxb

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      best of luck mate :)..me too jobless and trying hard to find a job..

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      he meant dubai and i meant kuwait.

  7. I am a beginner with Cisco and im not sure i can help. Just found this link : hxxps://learningnetwork.cisco.com/servlet/JiveServlet/previewBody/6346-102-1-20737/CCNA-Voice%20VoIP.pdf hope it helps with your configuration.
  8. This pdf link is really helpfull for jobhunters seeking a suitable career. It would surely help in making ones profile visible globally. Currently searching for a job in the UAE i've been using a few job portals for quite some time now. Just sharing those links - i hope it is usefull to apend it to the list. Googling would give scores of job portals but i think a filtered and updated list like the pdf is even better. UAE: hxxp://www.naukrigulf.com/ hxxp://my.monstergulf.com/ hxxp://www.gnads4u.com/ hxxp://www.nadia-me.com/ hxxp://www.bayt.com/ Best wishes to all job hunters !