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  1. ch ahmad hassan

    Guest Wi-Fi Setup - Wireless Social

    Hello, I have a Cisco WLC which is controlling around 20 AP's. I would like to setup a guest Wi-Fi portal in fashion that once the user connects to the Wi-Fi, the user will be presented with a form where he/she needs to put the details like username, mobile, email address etc. to get the Wi-Fi access. Once done, i should be able to see data/statistics though a portal. How can i achieve this? Is there any third party device or app i can use? Thanks.
  2. ch ahmad hassan

    Looking for CCNP version 2.0

    Hello, I am looking for CCNP version 2.0 books, switch, router and tshoot student guide and labs? I have the hard copies but i am looking for soft copy if anyone has it, please share it. Thanks.
  3. ch ahmad hassan

    JNCIP-SEC certification renew

    Connected juniper support and got the answer. The next exam will be jn0-633.
  4. ch ahmad hassan

    JNCIP-SEC certification renew

    Hello, I need some help here, my JNCIP-SEC is going to expired next month. Can someone advise which certification i have to do next in security field to maintain my certification. I have gone through this link but can't see any JNCIP-SEC track any more. https://www.juniper.net/uk/en/training/certification/already-certified/recertification/ Thanks.
  5. ch ahmad hassan

    IT procurement System

  6. ch ahmad hassan

    IT procurement System

    almost 2600 views and not a single reply until now
  7. ch ahmad hassan

    IT procurement System

    Hi, I am looking for an open source IT procurement system with basic functionality. The purpose is to handle loads of new requests, PO's, Invoices, deliverty notes etc Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, Can any one recommend a good open source or cheap IT Knowledge Base/Contents Management System? Thanks.
  9. ch ahmad hassan

    Graphical representation of data center

    Hi, I have a small data center, i was wondering if there is any software opensource or paid which i can use make the datacenter visualized through a software and then log the changes. I googled it and found "opendcim" as a one of the solution, any other ideas? Thanks.
  10. ch ahmad hassan

    Help in finding carrier in Cisco

    Hi, Probably this is my first post in regards to choosing a carrier path. By degree i am a Electronics Engineer and got into IT/Telecom industry somehow. I had done my CCNA and MSCE certs almost four years back. Currently i am working as network admin and i don't have any certification in my name (All expired) Now i am pretty much done with this "Jack of all trades, master of none" kind of job and want to focus on one field. My mostly day to day job is to handle Microsoft servers but Networking filed is always an attraction to me. I have basic networking infrastructure set up at my company and it outsourced. I need help for the following 1) Am i making the right decision to choose the Cisco path, what is the scope of this field as far as Job market is concerned and pay scales? 2) Where do i start from and how? I am so bored and need a direction. Please advise. Thanks.
  11. ch ahmad hassan

    Which Certification i should go for? Pls guide.

    Hi, I am a network Admin and running Microsoft Infrastructure from last three years having W2k8 Servers etc.. I have already Cisco and Juniper firewall certifications, now i am planning to go for Microsoft Cert, can someone guide me from which cert i should start or which cert will be useful for me in future from job perspective as well as knowledge? Thanks in advance.
  12. ch ahmad hassan

    TMG Reports

    Hi Any thoughts, how we can send the report generated by TMG periodically through email? We can receive the notifications of report generation thru email but not the actual report. Thanks.
  13. ch ahmad hassan

    Guest Internet portal solution needed

    I found a solution with a hardware product name 24online and it seems to good to me. The PfSense idea is also very good but due to some limitation of my environment i can't go with it. Thank you all for your help.
  14. ch ahmad hassan

    Guest Internet portal solution needed

    Thank you for the reply. Once Again for PfSence i need a separate ADLS line ( i don't want to use my exiting ADSL line through PfSense) also captive portal is not free otherwise i can use it with TMG which i am using at the moment.
  15. ch ahmad hassan

    Guest Internet portal solution needed

    As per the description i can't see an option that i can publish my guest internet using chilli hotspot and using my existing Cisco AP's. Any other thoughts?