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  1. imShahin

    OSPF over Frame-Relay – Part 1: Non-Broadcast

    Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file how can i attach my topology here? its been done in GNS3. getting the above error message. i have zipped it.
  2. hi, can some one please help? i was practising OSPF over Frame-Relay – Part 1: Non-Broadcast the example given from the link below. http://blog.ipexpert.com/2009/08/03/ospf-over-frame-relay-%E2%80%93-part-1-non-broadcast/ R5#sh frame-relay pvc DLCI = 502, DLCI USAGE = LOCAL, PVC STATUS = ACTIVE, INTERFACE = Serial1/0 R6#sh frame-relay pvc DLCI = 602, DLCI USAGE = LOCAL, PVC STATUS = INACTIVE, INTERFACE = Serial1/0 why my PVC status is inactive? R6#sh ip int brief Interface IP-Address OK? Method Status Protocol Serial1/0 YES manual up down i have enables the serial inter1/0 with no shut command but why is it still showing line protocol down? i have not configured OSPF yet as this pvc is inactive? could someone please assist? attacing the topology in two minutes
  3. imShahin

    Driver update for mass storage controller

    My operating system is Windows Vista, thanks
  4. Hi, My apologies if the topic is not relevant. I need help. i have hp laptop. (dv1355ea) HP pavilion dv 1000 series. s/n: CNF5340JT5. i need to update the driver for mass storage controller and windows could not find a driver. i do not have any CD for it. what is mass storage controller, is it hard disc or RAM, I have recently installed 1GB ram. i have attached the screenshot from the device manager. can anyone please help how can i get this driver, thanks. Regards Shahin
  5. imShahin

    Idle (Pfxct) BGP

    Hi Vijay, Thank you very much, it was really helpful.
  6. imShahin

    Idle (Pfxct) BGP

    clear bgp ipv6 unicast external * Hi, I only want to clear the session with one neighbor. do i not need to specify the neighbor ipv6 address in the command? What is the role of external and * in the command, could U pls help me to understand? Thanks
  7. imShahin

    Idle (Pfxct) BGP

    HI, I can clear a bgp ipv4 session by entering the command clear ip bgp (ipv4 address) How do i clear a bgp ipv6 session? sh bgp ipv6 unicast summary | i 123 4 123 217 18 0 0 0 1w1d Idle (PfxCt) Can anybody please help me? Thanks
  8. imShahin

    Show ipv6 command

    Hi, Thank you very much. i tried "sh bgp ipv6 unicast summary" which listed all the bgp ipv6 neighbors. But i only wanted the similar output but only for one neighbor sh bgp ipv6 unicast summary | i (ipv6 address) did not produce the output I wanted, then I tried, sh bgp ipv6 unicast summary | i (ASN) and got my expected output, I was kind of stuck, but when i tried what you suggested, i got my result, Router#sh bgp ipv6 unicast summary | i 32934 4 2xxx 276 272 740549 0 0 02:13:49 1 Thank u so much.
  9. imShahin

    Show ipv6 command

    Hi, Can anyone please help me? what is the command that will produce similar output below for bgp IPv6 sessions sh ip bgp summary | i 3xxxx 1xx.xx.xx.69 4 32934 125916 124151 12177364 0 0 5w0d 10 the above output is for ipv4, i want to see the similar output for bgp ipv6, please help
  10. imShahin


    thanks for your reply. Could you please give me a clue where to find the traffic generator is, in the desktop PC0?
  11. imShahin


    An access list is created in LAB_A router and placed in fa0/0. The purpose is to block the telnet connection to router B from PC0 but not the icmp. SH RUN access-list 100 deny tcp host host eq telnet access-list 100 permit ip any any interface FastEthernet0/0 ip address ip access-group 100 in AT FIRST, I PLACED THE ACL IN TH WRONG DIRECTION I.E. ip access-group 100 out AT LAB_A, FA0/0. WHEN I WAS STILL ABLE TO TELNET THE LAB_B ROUTER, THEN I CHANGED THE DIRECTION ip access-group 100 in. HOW DO I TEST IT IN CASE OF BLOCKING OR PERMITTING HTTP AND FTP, THAT MY ACCESS LIST IS CONFIGURED AND PLACED IN THE RIGHT INTERFACE AND IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. CAN SOME ONE HELP, PLEASE? PRACTICE ACCESS LIST.zip
  12. imShahin

    access list

  13. imShahin

    access list

    Hi, if i have to block dns on a access list, do i have to use both protocol, TCP and UDP then source and destination address and then port number 53? access-list 100 deny tcp eq 53 access-list 100 deny udp eq 53 Please help
  14. imShahin

    Frame Relay Configuration

    I am using packet tracer 5.1, which router can i use to make it as Frame Relay switch? I used a genereic one and tried the cmmancd below and got the message below Lab_B(config)#frame-relay switching ^ % Invalid input detected at '^' marker.
  15. imShahin

    PPP encapsulation and authentication

    Dear All, I have done a lab 14.1: Configuring PPP encapsulation and Authentication CCNA Study Guide(Todd Lammle) Can some check and inform me that it has been configured properly or improperly? I have attached the file Zipped When i wrote debug PPP authentication, i did not see anything, please advice. Lab14.1 Configuring PPP encapsulation and authentication.zip