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    BelAir Certification

    I will be sent by my company to attend a 3-day BelAir Certification Training. Just wonder if anyone here heard of it and/or took it before? If so, how is it? 3-day is enough? Thanks, /S
  2. YeaSt

    renew certificate

    Hey, Guys Hope I post this in the right spot. I recently noticed my CCNA, CCSP are labeled as Expired after I login to cisco certification tracking system. So should I re-take one of the current CCSP exam to renew them OR i need to start from CCNA exam? Thanks, /S
  3. YeaSt

    about ip on loopback interface

    Thanks for your info first. However you answered half of my question really. If the loopbacks are used in realworld, but what kind of IP put on loopback?; ? I think that will be fine for internal routing protocol; what about external routing protocol, BGP?
  4. YeaSt

    about ip on loopback interface

    Hello, Guys I have a really silly question which I can not figure out: When I do routing lab, I can use loopback interfaces on router to simulate ethernet LANs and also use one as router id in routing protocols. Normally I give loopback interface with public IP like, So my question is: are loopback interfaces used in real world? if so, can or similar valid public IP be put as the loopback interface IP? Thanks,
  5. Thanks for the info guys.
  6. Thanks, So pub and sub they are all CM just have/had different responsibility for the db management, right?
  7. Hey, Guys I am trying to get Cisco VOIP stuffs learned but I get confused by the role publisher and subscriber. I know they are all database. Appreciated if anyone can help me point to a good source to fully understand what is publisher and subscriber (cisco.com does not help on this much) Thanks, /S