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  1. Shyam Kumar

    Speed Setting

    Hi all, What is the command to change the speed settings in Tengig ethernet interface. Need to ser the speed to 1 Gbps.. Thanks in Advance
  2. Shyam Kumar

    Cisco Aironet 1231

    Hi All, User unable connect to the access point, when i tried to excute the command " Sh dot11 association" found no output. eg: test# sh dot11 association test# Kindly suggest me what would be the issue. Will appreciate your response. Thanks
  3. Shyam Kumar

    If AAA server failed how to access Router ?

    Hi All, If AAA sever in the network failed, we can access the router locally via Console or Aux port. Is there any option to telnet the router locally ??? Thanks in advance
  4. Shyam Kumar

    What is the diff between OSPF & BGP

    Hi All, Can we use BGP in single AS,if yes what is the difference between BGP and OSPF ???? Thanks in advance