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  1. Hey, you don't have to use any real equipment, GNS3 it is a virtual emulator with real Cisco IOS, I was able to run on my Old PC up to 14 routers 7200 series (without any crashes)with BGP routing protocol (E8400 CPU, 2 gig memory). Just find somewhere CBT Nuggets CCNP Routing Course and enjoy GNS3 labs. (This course based on GNS3 they will give you full instructions how to setup lab on GNS3). If you will setup GNS3 property it will fly on your PC even if it is old.
  2. Thanks to every one for good replays and advises. I passed my 70-680 exam with score 859. It is not to bad for me. This exam it is easy when you know what they want from you. I have a lot of hands on Windows 7 practice. I used for for preparation Robert Half http://www.rhi.com/ online training program it is not exactly what was on the exam, but very helpful practice labs. To get access to this resource you should register with Robert Half as a job seeker and ask for access to the training resource and it is totally free of charge. They has a lot of other Vendors and cources. Looks like I will take MCITP as my final destination with Microsoft. And I will gain experince on Exchange , ISA , Active Directory, VPN, and Database Servers. Just a question how to get all this practice? The place whare i am curently working is very limited. My company is big but they outsourced all IT services to the Mexico and India except Desktop Support technicians. We have server room and Network room but no one is there, rooms are empty, except equipment. They keep 1 local server guy and 1 network guy for emergency, they working at home. Taknet - use a GNS3 (for CCNP routing) for the real practice with CLI and Cisco Packet Tracer these programms awesome.
  3. I want to be a Computer Networking Professional. To do this, I have the following certifications: CompTIA A +, N +, Cisco CCNA. But with those certificates I can’t find a job as a Network technician, without production practice it is not possible. I was preparing to pass Cisco CCNP Routing exam, but I realized that I it will not help for me to find a job, without a real practice. So, I decided to start from the bottom of the IT industry and to get some Microsoft certification first, because it is easier way to find a good IT job. Now I am working as - Desktop support. My first exam for Microsoft certificate that I passed is - Windows 7, Configuring 70-680. My questions are: 1. How with Microsoft Certification to become a computer network professional? 2. What's next exam and what is the goal – Which certificate to obtain? 3. How can I utilize my CompTIA A + and N + certificates? 4. Should I take MCSA certificate or pick some newest certificates? I will appreciate for any advice.
  4. Hello everyone! I need some advice. I received offer for one time contract to complete following tasks for several laptops HP Pentium 4. Format Hard Drive Install Win Xp with Service Pack 2 Install Microsoft Office Adobe Acrobat Reader AVG Virus Software Hardware diagnostics. Customer wants to complete this tasks from His personal laptop (He wants to send it to me home, and then take it back). But there is the catch for me. I am living in Wisconsin and He asking for service in Florida. I am never ever heard how to Format PC`s or laptop`s remotely without physical touching PC. How to complete first two tasks without physical touching laptops? I found online only one solution - KVM switch. Is anybody can tell me how to do this or it is possible at all?
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    Hi Guys Next Friday I will take test for my Network+. But I know that my practical knowledge is between 0-5%. After Network+ I will start to prepare my self for CCNA. I want to make some basic Home-Lab at home. I have Comcast cable Internet service with modem, Desktop PC with two integrated 1G NICs So I need router and something else. I have very limited budget for this project. Is any body can recommend to me what will be the best to get into the networking? I mean technology (Wired, Wireless G or N, VPN, Speed), Brand(Cisco, Linksys, Asus, Netgear), maybe brand and model. I want get some experience with setup router, make VPN, setup security, network monitoring. Guys give to me some advices. With best regards DMV