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    regular profile & Terminal Services profile

    How do I know what the difference of both of them? How does Windows determine to use which one of them? I done some testing on virtualpc, windows copy the terminal services profile from the regular profile.
  2. In a multple domain forest, if I want to create distribution group, what kind of group scope is suitable, global or domain local. For example , user in HR department in LA in LA domain might want to receive email from HR department in NY in NY domain and receive email from his/her HR department colleague email.I hope my question is clear.
  3. nearownkira

    end-to-end system

    What does "End-to End" means in this context.This term is all used in almost all IT article and I don't get what it means. The closest I found is this
  4. nearownkira

    practice MCSE at home

    What the minimum VM/PC to simulate a enterprise network in a homelab? 1-for PDC 1-for BDC 1-for client 1-for subdomain PDC (is it enough?) how about the other services, like DHCP/DNS/FTP/VPN/? should I put it together with the PDC/BDC? Any suggestion is welcomed! Thanks in advance.
  5. nearownkira

    practice MCSE at home

    I am thinking of doing simulate a enterprise environment at my home network to practice hand-on on MCSE. I am thinking of virtualization or creating several virtual machine on the same PC.I would like to simulate DNS, DHCP especially Active Directory.What do you think?