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  1. Hey, thanks for replying.. so does that mean, i need more than one NIC on my Laptop.. Sorry i am still nerd in IT. I did go through the link you provided above but the talk in there, sounds like, too flashy for me. Would you be able to explain me please? Basically, I have few 2950s and one 3550.. I will be doing Switching practice only... (3550 can do Layer 3 right ?). Then I have a PC and I am running virtual machines. i will be giving static IPs (lab practice), connect them to 4 different 2950s and have a connection with the C3550 for layer3 - VLANLab... So, if i understood you correctly, i can connect those VM to the one NIC i have on my PC or do i need more than one physical NIC.. by reading all this, you must have understood, that i am totally confused -lol . any help will be great ta
  2. royandroy

    Passed CCIE R&S...now I want to sell my equipments.

    yes,let us know what you have got and price..ta
  3. hey guys, i need help connecting vmware machines (6 of them) to a real cisco switch.. any idea, anyone? thanks