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    Little Nervous

    Don't underestimate yourself. It sounds like you are qualified for a sysadmin position. possibly at a small to midsize company. If you're receiving calls and emails, answer them! You have some experience. See what happens. Nothing to lose.
  2. TheFett

    How Are Network Administrator Typical Day?

    Depends on the size of the I.T. department you're in. If a small I.T. shop, then you may not only be the "network administrator", you will most likely have to wear some more hats(responsibilites). But you can look at that as a good thing and that will give you more experience. If you work for a larger I.T. shop, then you might get bored by the segregated duties. But this will allow you to fine tune your craft and become the expert. Oh, and you'll be asked by everyone to open up such and such port on the firewall every now and again.....I usually tell them "No".
  3. I'll give you one difference between the two. IIS 5.0 for W2K (not locked down by default) IIS 6.0 for W2K3 (locked down by default)
  4. TheFett

    Interview For The "system Administrator"

    Amsin, this is great information. Thanks for sharing it.
  5. TheFett

    Mcse 2k3 . My Journey And Experience

    I haven't hired/fired anyone recently. I've brought entry level people in and built them up from the ground floor. They eventually became MCPs,MCSE's. Once they attain that level, I personally know that they worked hard, and I reward them with an increase. About 4 years ago, times were tough in the job market, so I didn't see too many people jumping around from company to company. Things are getting better now. I know, because I get alot more offers now. The TK saga continues. I will add my own personal story. My first exam was Windows 2000 professional(70-210) many years ago, it seems. I was in the field and took classes for 7 months, at night. I studied the MOC and transcenders. Also, I had one pc for experimentation. That was it! Transcenders had about 3 or 4 very similar questions on the exam, but that was about it. Everything else was completely new and/or reworded. I studied for 3 months. Regarding transcenders, I would study why the answers were wrong, why they were right.....So, after my MCSE courses were over, I studied for 3 months, the took the exam. I passed with a score in the low 700s. Granted, the passing score was at minimum, maybe 660. I was a happy camper. At the same time, I was not aware of TK and braindumps. Didn't know they existed! Then I passed 70-215, and so on. Soon after I passed the exams, I was patting myself on the back to one of my vendor reps that comes in once in awhile. He told me that I took too long to study for them. It was him, that introduced me to the concept of braindumps. I reviewed a braindump for one of my exams. I was surprised to see all of the questions on it. I felt good that I passed(yes, I studied alot), but I quickly realized that there were so many people acing the exams now, with no experience in the IT world. So, the exam I just took, didn't mean that much to me. If I see a candidate's Microsoft transcript, and notice that they took the design exams before the core exams, I will not hire them. Period. I remember a few years ago when I belonged to another forum for certifications. One post really made me mad, but I laughed it off. Some guy was bragging that he aced(1000/1000) an exam. That's all he said in the post. So now, other members wrote back and asked what he used to prep, books, etc, the usual stuff. One member asked him what questions were on the exam? The guy who bragged about the score, said: I didn't study the questions. I just studied the answers! I actually was laughing for 2 days straight. He actually memorized the answers! That guy got alot a smack from the other members on the site too. Folks, that is your toilet paper mcse. Most people do not want to spend 2 to 3 months studying for one exam. I get the feeling that they want the MCSE during that 3 month time frame. If I see something like that, they are not hired. My take is at least 6 months for MCSE. I love looking at the transcripts. It speaks volumes...... Everyone must do what they wish. I am completely satisfied with my certs, and my career. I can back up my certs with my 11+ years in the field. I agree that some of these exams are very difficult, and expensive for some of you. If you study TK, please read a book on the subject matter first, and then experiment on a test computer. For the newbies out there, you have a choice. A.) Go straight to the Shares section and download the latest TK for your exam. B.) Put some quality study time in, experiment, talk with mentors, etc....and then review with TK. Choice B is correct. But TK says answer A is correct.........
  6. TheFett

    Best Pets To Have

    A dog is the best pet to have. I have 2 dogs. A chocolate labrador retreiver and a greyhound. I rescued the greyhound after his racing days were over. The greyhound is the oldest and fastest breed in dog history. They make great pets. Cats are lazy.
  7. TheFett

    How Old Are You

    32, turning 33 in 2 months.
  8. TheFett


    Cracker of a guy......I have been smoking for quite some time. It's not good. I quit for a day and celebrated by having a smoke the next day. If I quit smoking, then I will have to quit drinking coffee as well. And it's hard having a beer and not having a smoke too. I want to quit or at least cut down on my intake. It's 90% mental. I should + want to quit.
  9. TheFett

    How Many PC U Have @ Your Home

    Are you planning to establish ISP@home ?????? Good one Zero! Most of my machines are used for testing. I don't have a test network in the office, so I connect back home, do some testing and if all goes well, introduce that concept to the workplace production environment. Maybe I should get work to finance me a test network, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do sometimes......
  10. TheFett

    How Many PC U Have @ Your Home

    I have 10 machines in my home. I do not keep them all powered on all the time. Don't want the electric bill too high! 4 DCs, 3 member servers, 2 notebooks, 1 desktop. All are DELL.