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    Advice about taking exam 70-680

    Hi , i'm about to take exam 70-680, i want your advice about the exam and the materials..
  2. was

    Access database SIZE

    i have access database for an Ins. the core size is 40m, and is increasing. i`m doing the compact and repair, but still i`m wondering about the size. what is the limit of the size????
  3. i want to know how to make a form readable only to users and the opposite..
  4. was

    Gateway laptopb 7426gx Audio driver

    i have tried it.. do u have a website which provide drivers fro laptops>> especially GATEWAY laptops..
  5. i have a gateway laptop, i formated and installed WinXp. everything is fine except the Multimedia Audio Controller. i visited the GATEWAY website but i got nothing.. please i need help.
  6. was

    conflict IP Address

    i`m using DHCP.....
  7. was

    conflict IP Address

    i got the message of " conflict IP Address " in my network.... solution plz..
  8. was

    ISA Server Virus

    i got this virus " downadup " in my isa server,it disconnect the internet from time to time. i need help...!!?
  9. was

    sms program

    i have the cellRouter GSM Telecom FM device,I CONNECT it to my PC via com,BUT the pc didn`t recognize it what the solution...
  10. was

    sms program

    i have the same but i want a program to send sms to mobiles
  11. i was prefering a pdf file....
  12. i want a pdf file to explain the group policy in delails,please
  13. was

    sms program

    i need a program to install it in a PC ,and then deliever sms to mobiles through a network.... please hlpe???
  14. was

    q93fi6kf.exe virus

    i have this virus "q93fi6kf.exe" i have tried to delete it but i couldo`nt i`m looking for help??