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    Cisco ASA5550 Help

    Do both network are connected to same switch? Are you running any VLAN on switch? If so you can setup ASA so that not to allow traffic between these vlans. Regards,
  2. Netbee

    CCNP Expiring

    Thanks for reply
  3. I have resolved issue by add following command ip route x.x.x.x
  4. Hi All, I am preparing for my CCNA security Exam. I have difficulty with inbound NAT setup. Setup is Internet -- > ASA -- > LAN (Inside) -- > Cisco Router (3600) I want to forward SSH (customer port 8222) back to cisco router. NAT, ACL on ASA is setup correctly as this works in when I have DHCP server running asa inside interface. That is when router picks IP address from ASA ( as it wil have ASA as default gateway) upto this points every thing works Great Issue is I am moved DHCP server from ASA to Router with ASA as setup to default gateway. I have few other servers on LAN , which picks IP address default gateway , port forwarding works for them. But as my router interface f0/0 (which connects back to ASA) I have static Ip address. That where it doesn't respond to port forwarding request from outside. My understanding is that as there is not default gateway that's why it's failing. I have tried to on interface f0/0 to get IP address from local pool but that didn't worked. interface f0/0 ip address pool mypool as well as ip add dhcp but for some reason this interface doesn't my ip address from my pool. I know pool is working fine as other devices get IP address fine from poo. Any Help on this would by appreciated.
  5. Netbee

    CCNP Expiring

    Thanks for reply, do I need to clear whole series let's say CCNP SP or just one of exams should do ?
  6. Netbee

    CCNP Expiring

    Hi My CCNP (route/switch) is going to expire in October, so if I give CCNA security or any other Security exam would my CCNP be extended ? Regards,
  7. Netbee

    Ospf Group Lab # 2

    Hi, Thanks For puttings these labs, Great work Keep it up.
  8. Netbee

    EIGRP Labs

    Great Job, Keep it UP. Thanks for Posts