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  1. Antim memd

    CCNP Service provider

    Hi martinlo, Many many Thanks for your kind information.
  2. Antim memd

    CCNP Service provider

    I want to attend CCNP Service provider exam. I have valid certifications CCNA (R&S) and CCNP. May I attend CCNP Service provider exam without CCNA Service provider ? Thanks in advance for giving me the information. Regards.
  3. Antim memd

    Traceroute show primary IP Address

    Dear all, My Cisco routers one interface have 3 subnets. one is primary ( another two is secondary( and when I traceroute from a pc configured ip is and gateway is to outside through gateway. It shows the first hop is I mean it should show I can not understand why traceroute shows this ip ? Thanks in advance. Regards, Antimm
  4. Dear All, I am facing Eherchannel Problem by using LACP Protocol between two cisco 2960 switch. Two ports of each switch are participating in LACP. configuration is : channel-protocol lacp channel-group 1 mode active both switches. When I check it shows: #sh etherchannel summary Flags: D - down P - bundled in port-channel I - stand-alone s - suspended H - Hot-standby (LACP only) R - Layer3 S - Layer2 U - in use f - failed to allocate aggregator M - not in use, minimum links not met u - unsuitable for bundling w - waiting to be aggregated d - default port Number of channel-groups in use: 1 Number of aggregators: 1 Group Port-channel Protocol Ports ------+-------------+-----------+---------------------------- 1 Po1(SU) LACP Fa0/23(P) Fa0/24(I) Fa0/24 port always in Stand-alone state. but physically the link is ok. Could you please help me how can I solve this problem ? Thanks in advance.
  5. Antim memd

    Etherchannel with Radio link connectivity

    Dear all, Is it possible Etherchannel between two switches which are connected through Fiber and Radio link ? Two radios are bridge mode. I have tested the STP/RSTP. But I'm in doubt with Etherchannel. would you help me about this issue ? Thanks in advance.