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  1. Abzal

    Passed CCNA 640-802

    Hello Fellas A week ago I passed the CCNA exam. Now I'm thinking, what next exam should I pass? Could you give me some good advice? CCNP or CCDA? What tools should I use to pass CCNP, dynamips or real switches? Thanks.
  2. Abzal

    Wireless AP

    Layer 2. Works like ethernet hub, but with collision avoidance, CSMA/CA. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wireless_access_point
  3. Abzal

    nic card

    Because, it is highest level that switch operates. Router operates 1-2-3 levels of OSI, but we say it is device Layer 3.
  4. Abzal

    ip address conflict

    http://wiki.wireshark.org/Gratuitous_ARP Happy New Year!
  5. Abzal

    A good ICND2 Book

    I'm reading CCNA:Cisco Certified Network Associate, Study Guide, 6th edition written by Todd Lammle. This is a very good book.
  6. Abzal


    I think, answer is NO. Because ICMP protocol is Layer 3 protocol works on IP layer.
  7. I reading this book "802.11 Wireless networks definitive guide, O'Reilly". I have one question about Reassociation Request . This is an excerpt from this book: Mobile stations moving between basic service areas within the same extended service area need to reassociate with the network before using the distribution system again. Stations may also need to reassociate if they leave the coverage area of an access point temporarily and rejoin it later. Association and Reassociation Requests differ only in that a Reassociation Request includes the address of the mobile station's current access point. Including this information allows the new access point to contact the old access point and transfer the association data. If I'm using two AP of different manufacturers, working in repeater mode, with same SSID. When I go to other area of AP, how this process will be successful or not successful? Or that's is not such a big problem. I know that recommend to use same AP models. Thank you.
  8. Abzal

    2 Hosts between a Switch

    Hi, you can see that process in Packet Tracer. Run ping from host A to host B connected via switch and in simulation mode (Shift+S) you see it.
  9. That's right, but if you run ping from A to B, and TTL decrease by 1, so we'll know that's is a router.
  10. Abzal

    question about ccna 640.802

    640-802, ccna price and see this one http://www.cisco.com/web/learning/wwtraining/certprog/training/cert_exam_tutorial.html
  11. So, i think this is not correct If IP address is in the same subnet this is maybe a switch or hub, if not in the same it is router. But I don't know how what device switch or hub, maybe duplex and speed settings? But I'm not sure.
  12. Abzal

    For All New Ccna Student

    Good job, thanks
  13. Abzal

    CISCO packet tracer ACLs

    i think, you need to create 2 acl, one assigning on link between R1<-->R2, second on link R2<--->R3, like ip acces-list extended 101 deny ip permit ip any any ip acces-list extended 102 deny ip permit ip any any
  14. Abzal

    Which path to take

    Hi, raf What kind of certificate "A+"? What Windows certificate I need to have a good knowledge about the Windows? Thank you.
  15. 1 static route to network in config R5:

    ip route

    1 static route to network in config R4:

    ip route

    1 static route to network in config R3:

    ip route