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  1. Hello, I'd like to get some input on the following issue (if this a topic more suited for Voice forums, I apologize). My client has a bonded T1 Internet connection. The IPS has a Cisco 2811 router on my client's premises and this is the CER (Customer Edge Router). Connected to the router is my client's ASA 5510. -----------T1------------ -----------T1------------ 2811 -------------- ASA 5510 ---------- LAN ( - ~100 IP phones using UDP ports 3000-3100) Now, the issue that we are having is with phone quality. I have contacted the ISP and they have put the QoS settings in place, but as I have found out later, the router does not mark the traffic, it is just configured to give priority to certain kinds of traffic based on it's configuration. The traffic is supposed to be marked by my client and the ISP refused to mark the traffic for us so we have to do it ourselves. I have been trying to find proper instructions on how to set up QoS on Cisco ASA and only found, what I think, would be a partial solution. I saw instruction on how to implement QoS on ASA interfaces, but could not find a definite answer on how to mark the traffic, so the ISP router can apply it's QoS priorities. Attached to this is the router configuration provided to me by the ISP. I have made some QoS implementation on the ASA, not sure if this will do me any good, as I don't think that the congestion occurs on the ASA interfaces, but ratheron the outgoing ISP router interfaces. ************************************************ class-map IP_PHONE_AUDIO match rtp 3000 3100 policy-map PRIORITIZE_TRAFFIC class IP_PHONE_AUDIO service-policy PRIORITIZE_TRAFFIC interface outside priority-queue outside ************************************************ Any input would be appreciated. Thank you in advance for any help, Lukasz Scrubbed Config - 2811 Router).txt
  2. Lukasz Buchwald

    ROUTE Home Lab Setup

    Hello, I'd like to get some suggestions about my home lab setup from someone more experienced in the Cisco study world. I'm currently studying for my ROUTE exam. I'm trying to configure my home lab, so it is as flexible and functional as possible with limited resources I have. I'd like the lab to offer me the opportunity to study/configure as many of ROUTE exam subjects as possible. My inventory: - 3x 2620 XM - 2x 1841 - 2x ASA 5505 - 3550 switch - 2950 switch I attached the topology I came up with and I'd appreciate any suggestions or comments. Thank you in advance, Lukasz
  3. Lukasz Buchwald

    Instaling max RAM/FLASH in 2620 XM

    Thank you very much for the info.
  4. Lukasz Buchwald

    Instaling max RAM/FLASH in 2620 XM

    Hello, I ordered maximum FLASH/RAM (256/32) from Ebay for one of my 2620XM routers. After installing the memory in one of my routers I get this: ****************************************************************************************** System Bootstrap, Version 12.2(7r) [cmong 7r], RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) Copyright © 2002 by cisco Systems, Inc. ERROR: No system memory detected ****************************************************************************************** When I take Flash out and leave the RAM in, it works fine. I tried it with another router, with same result. Here's my question: Is the Flash memory stick bad or maybe it's the Bootstrap version that needs to be newer? or maybe I'm missing something else...? I'd appreciate any help. Thanks, Lukasz