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  1. Hi, Could anyone please provide me a free Windows Server monitoring tool. Best Regards, Asif.
  2. asif_khan

    Unable to login remotely

    Dear All, We are unable to login remotely (Even as Administrator ) to all the Windows Servers in our domain ,Everytime we try to do it , it is giving the following messages. Windows 2008 Windows 2003 I would appreciate if you help me to fix this issue. Your Friend, Asif.
  3. asif_khan


    Hi Lethe, The links you provided are very helpful to me. Thanks allot for that. Regards, Asif.
  4. asif_khan


    Hi, I need some information on how to backup and restore Active directory , DNS , Exchange Server 2007 and ISA Server 2005 using both cli and Gui. And Please provide some usefull tools too for network administration. Thanks and Regards, Asif.
  5. asif_khan

    Windows 7 Services.

    Hi, First of all I would like to thank mip104 and kamtec1 for showing their interest in this issue. @kamtec1 Scanning the system for viruses and trojans doesn't make any difference. I did System Restore and system is working fine now. Thanks for bringing MSE AV in our attention. Regards, Asif.
  6. asif_khan

    Windows 7 Services.

    Hi mip104, Thanks for the reply. Yes ,they are. Let me tell you one thing that only one computer is giving that porblem. Regards, Asif.
  7. Hi, We have windows 7 client in our Network , all of its services are disabled by itself and not getting started. Please help to fix this problem. Thanks and Regards, Asif.
  8. asif_khan

    Unable to print properly

    Hi , I'm Extremely sorry for the late reply. Besides this printing problem the computer was giving some other problems too so, I formatted it. I would like thank ZigAA ,mip104, syedabbas and bluefin for showing interest in my problem. Regards, Asif
  9. asif_khan

    Unable to print properly

    @mip104 and syedabbas Thanks for the reply. I did both ( reinstalled the deriver and checked the settings) but still giving the same problem
  10. Hi there, We have Zebra TLP 2844 Printer. It is printing fine as we logged in as Local Administrator in Windows XP machine but when we logged in (with the same printer settings )as domain user or Administrator printer prints one output in two labels (some part on one lable and remainig part on other). I will be thankful if you help me to solve this problem. Regards, Asif.
  11. asif_khan

    Breaking the XP password

    Hi Friends, The password is restored now,The Hernes Boot CD helped me out to restore. The OPHCRACK restoring only weak passwords and not working properly with low RAM computers. I didn't use the Petri's utility so I can't comment about it. So once again I would like to thank Lethe ,syedabbas and kamtec for showing intrest in my problem and Special thank to Kamtec for solving it. May God bless you all.
  12. asif_khan

    Breaking the XP password

    Dear Friends Lethe ,syedabbas and kamtec1, Thanks allot for your support , I appreciate you all. I will try the tools provided by you and let you know the result.
  13. Hi there, I have forgot the password of my windows XP machine, could any one please help me recovering or breaking the password
  14. Hay, Asif could you please share some information regarding JNCIA-FWV preparation?

    thanx in advance.