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  1. Hi Friends, When I try to Install WSUS 3.0sp2 in Win Server 2008r2, there is an error occurred appear. Message; "Windows Server Update Services 3.0. SP2 could not install Windows Internal. For more information, see the Setup log " C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp\WSUSSetup.log" Log; "setup failed (error 0x80070643: Fatal error during installation).
  2. onlineuser

    User ID AD/Exchange

    Hi, In our office our AD and Exchange have link something like replica. One time I accidentally remove (not disable) one of user ID from mailbox, this matter will effect his domain bogon ID. When I try to delete and want to recreate a new user ID for AD, it prompt message object could not display. Is there any option how can I get back the ID.
  3. onlineuser

    List of all extensions

    what are you talking about? language?
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    Bro, You solution suggestion is useful. Thanks
  5. onlineuser


    Hi all, I have one proble with a laptop. The machine stuck at windows logo after boot. This problem always happen, when the laptop is off(power off) for a few days. What I did, is reparing the OS, and I have reformat/reinstall once. The problem was repeat when the laptop is turn for a few days, eg: weekend. I assume there is a Hardware problem.
  6. onlineuser

    What is MCITP?

    What is the topics study relate in MCITP?
  7. onlineuser


    What is the at least skills /knowledge requirement we should have before we start CCNA or network certify?
  8. onlineuser

    Combine network segment

    Both company in a same building premise. If one cable from Company B switch physically connected to Company A switch. Can we edit the policy at Campany A firewall?
  9. onlineuser

    Combine network segment

    One of the company, Company A is in the same office with their Management Company B office (which company that company A rent office room. Now they want to combain their network without change IP address for both side due to many machines that already fixed ip. -Company A - IP/subnet - 192.168.1.x/24 > connect to switch(unmanaged) > connect to Fortigate Firewall(transparent mode)> connect to Cisco Router(NAT). -Management Company B - IP/subnet - 10.10.10.x > connect to switch > connect to Cisco Firewall Router. * Request for All users from company A can use a certain service that available inside one of PC or Server eg: FTP, sharing, ping, company system application. What is the solution for this kind of situation? Thanks
  10. onlineuser

    Dlink ADSL router connect to Cisco Firewall

    Any respons?
  11. onlineuser

    CCNA Frequently Asked Questions

    as I know: application, presentation, session, transport, network, data link, physical
  12. I have problem with the network in our office. Dlink ADSL router with PPPOE setting. And connect it from DLink LAN port 1 to Cisco eth0 port. Cisco eth1 connect to network switch. Previously can connect to internet. After change Dlink ADSL router to other Dlink device due device power. All new setting same as previous Dlink Adsl ROUTER. Never change any setting inside cisco router. Now we cannot go to internet if connect behind the firewall. If connecting direct to ADSL router, there is no problem. Please advice Thanks
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    talent pk, Thanks for your information.
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    Hi,, Is it possible to connet VPN site-to-site with different private IP subnet classes. Using Fortigate product. Eg: Site A - Class A=, Site B= (tunnel build between) Is any clash between the different subnet? thanks