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  1. Hi, Is there any way around so that i can add multiple Virtual IPs to a cluster(both MSCS & SQL) i mean can i add more than one IP to Clusters & can access them through all the IPs?
  2. Hi, i want to access my virtual cluster IP (172.x.x.x) through that newly added IP.
  3. Hi , Need Solution: i have added a NIC Card to my physical Server & assigned it IP of Range 192.168.x.x. Server hosts have Physical IP of 172.16.X.X & Cluster IPof same rane i.e. 172.16.x.x i want to map my newly added IP(192.x.x.x) to cluster IP,How to do it
  4. help_mcse

    Oracle Database integration with HP dataprotector

    Oho 1000+views.....but no response...
  5. Dear Team, i am planning to take backup of my oracle DB in HP DP Need help in configuring the oracle database in HP dataprotector. If any body has Screenshots regarding the same then it can be useful for me. Thanks & Regards, Help
  6. Pls provide me link for free download of the following ebook Computer Networks Author-Andrew Tanenbaum Prentice HAll Publications its an urgent request as my exams are due in next week
  7. help_mcse

    local admin password forgot

    is the tool applicable for Windows Server 2008.. the MS-website talks about windows client edition(XP,Vista...)
  8. help_mcse

    local admin password forgot

    Can Anybody tell me how to reset/erase Windows administrator Password in Win serv 2008
  9. help_mcse

    Assigning Virtual IP

    Hi all, i want to assign Virtual IP to my HP server(windows based). i am having 3 NIC cards attached to my server. How do i do it through Teaming Software??
  10. help_mcse

    WatchGuard Firebox

    Can anybdy tell me where to find watchguard wSM 10.x or later expect the official website. Links most welcome Regards, Vabz
  11. Thanks Adnan, I am a Project MAnagement Practioner but yet to be certified there are various phases in the lifecycle of the project. you should have worked in all phases of teh project. More to define........but short of time....
  12. help_mcse

    CAPM Preparation

  13. help_mcse


    Dear Newbie, first of all,make sure u understand What Projects are all about??Defination of Projects? PMP stands for Project Management Professional For further details log on to this website.Read PMBOK to have clear understanding about the exam & the syllabus. www.pmi.org There are phases in the entire life cycle of the project,you should have worked on all the phases of the Project Lifecycle. Co-relate the same with your own project lifecycle. Regards, Planet
  14. help_mcse

    F5 LTM Simulator

    Do anybody knw about f5-networks? is there any kind of simulator for LTM / GTM ?
  15. You can use Packeteer........Packet Shaper