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  1. coooooooooooooooool down man.. i m not seekin answer specifically from u , evreyone can participate in it... if u dont knw the answer just keep your mouth shut and wait for other replies...
  2. if i have to research myself then whts the purpose of this forum ..??? i can do research on google but the purpose to post question on forum is to save the time and to get the direct answer or hint..
  3. thnx it does work.. but is there a way to directly change the binary value rahther than importing it and put our own password in it..
  4. the error which i m getting is file about alcaud.sys .. search the google but couldnt get much information
  5. thnx how can i enter the password in Key as its binary value.. i want to set my own password like "abcdef", how can i enter it
  6. i want to set IE content advisor password using batch file.. can any body tell me is there any commands which can be used?? thnx
  7. hi.. i have very strange problem, i have 2 laptops vaio and Lenovo 3000 with fully patches and updated, on both laptops whnever i unproperly unplugged the USB or USB modem, suddenly shows BSOD, but if i properly unplugged it doesnt.. can anybody tell why its showing blue screen and is there any way to save settings for safely remove USB..i dont wanna to click safely remove option every time whenever unplugged it??? thnx
  8. shikran

    Netmeeting in Windows7

    netmeeting is no longer available in windows 7, only way if you are running win 7 Prof & above than u can run netmeeting in Windows 7 using XP Mode.
  9. the best way to spam or block unauthorized emails use spam filters (i.e barracuda etc), if you are using outlook/outlook express they allow you to mark mails as junk/spam on the basis of common spam keywords or sender address etc.
  10. 1) there is no need of MX record for sending an email because MX record is type of resource record in the DNS that specifies a mail server responsible for ACCEPTING EMAIL messages on behalf of a recipient's domain. 2)and for 2nd question if i understand you are asking for multiple domains having common MX record on single IP , the answer is yes.
  11. only way to block HTTP/HTTPS to block skype in ISA 2004 , you can block skype through GPOs or other third party software as i blocked skype exe using symantec.
  12. yeh i have made a tested environment and working fine.. now new issue is i have w2k3 server and some embedded XP machines, these XP machines can only be accessed via command line (no GUI interface).. Following commands are executed successfully on it, no error but time does not sync with server (, net stop w32time w32tm /unregister w32tm /register w32tm /config /manualpeerlist: /syncfromflags:MANUAL /reliable:YES net start w32time w32tm /config /update w32tm /resync /rediscover 1)so how can time will be sync (although commands are executed successfully) 2) i need to set sync time on XP machines with my server after specific time of interval using command line..??
  13. thnx i have already followed the instructions provided in mircosoft link and configured W2k3 Time service to use an internal hardware clock, but error still persists whenever i run the command w32tm /resync on client. might be i am missing something .. but where i dont knw
  14. thnx using win2k as ntp time ref, i ran the command but it gives an error "The computer did not resync because no time data was available" ?? any help
  15. i elaborate my question that i have different tough books in fields, so i need whenever it comes back to office their time should automatically sync with servers, keep in mind this is workgroup environment thnx