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    dst upgrade exam?

    right! guyz n galz! I really need one thing straightened out here. I've been on the impression for a while that there's only one (upgrade) exam towards MCITP Enterprise Desktop Support Technician for MCDST holders. However I also keep getting told otherwise from several sources, that it will consist of two exams: •Exam 70-680: TS: Windows 7, Configuring •Exam 70-685: Pro: Windows 7, Enterprise Desktop Support Technician What Happens Next? Does anyone know if this upgrade/bridge exam actually exist for MCDST holders, or will we have to completely recertify via the 2 exams? Thanks a mill folks. Greg
  2. Wordup Chargerhawk I couldn't help but to reply to your last thread on MCDST Exam 70-272- Query.

    I'm doing MCDST myself largely because several different companies that I've spoken to have advised that if I want to get the relevant job in in the very near future, go for XP because they're not planning to roll out any mass installation of W7 until nearer XP's expi...

  3. MeanGreg


    Hi all, Does anyone know the percentage that each topic/domain constitutes the whole 70-271 exam objectives. For example, how much does the exam focus on Networking and how much on Installing and Managing Hardware etc etc? That's two topics so if anybody has info on the the percentage for each domain I'd really appreciate it. Also, what's the pass mark? Thanks a mill
  4. MeanGreg


    Hi all I'm new to Sadikhov. Looking for some advise. I'm planning to do an MCDST for XP course with a training company. Is it possible as an alternative to bypass any training company and just purchase the relevant books for the two units and just book for the exams myself. I could save a grand if that's the case. Also does anyone know when the MCDST exams and/or Windows XP are expected to be retired? Lastly, is MCDST the pre-requisite of MCITP(W7) and MCTS(Vista)? Will I be better off just going for MCITP or MCTS instead of doing the MCDST and then upgrading to one of the two? Those who reply will have a place in my heart. Much appreciated. Peace Out! Oh another thing, I'm currently working 1st line technical support for an ISP. Is this an ideal experience if I want to progress as a Desktop Support Technician, presumably with an MCDST cert?
  5. MeanGreg


    cool thanks for that. Sticking to XP for now might still be useful as it's still a mature OS and seems the predominantly used at the moment by businesses. Then upgrading to MCITP could be the next step when XP becomes obsolete. I'm right on this? It's just that I've been looking at various job descriptions for IT Desktop Support and by the looks of XP is still standing firm.
  6. MeanGreg


    cheers for that mate. I'm hoping to move on from Broadband support. It was just really as a Desktop Support (supporting Windows-based users) I want to get into. I guess MCDST will be sufficient right? Would I really need an MSCE for this?