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  1. James Lawrence

    Monitor who does what

    I have a 2 tier system where the access database tables reside on a server and users edit the data with the "interface" through a map drive. I have not set any "real" security except that the users only have access to forms and report. Who ever knows where to find the data on the map drive can easily access them although they know they are not supose to. Resently I noticed many records missing and even changes to the data. Is ther to find out who did what via an ip address or a network address? I know how to set security by user group but since the damage has alrteady been done, I would like to find out who deleted the records.
  2. James Lawrence


    A site-local address can be placed in the region, but not in the public world. But again, I'm confused with the above examples that came out of my mind. Please explain.
  3. James Lawrence


    One thing I'm worried for EIGRP after the field is not working Next Hop Hop RIPv2 OSPF and shipping address. Please investigate this matter when you free. Thanks.
  4. Does it bother anybody that their voice is sent back to Google for analysis and then comes back with an answer? So far, most of my interactions with Google Voice interface have resulted in humor, not anything reliable. My Mobile app does allow you to use Voice for a custom place search. Heres some examples: "Lacamas Lake" yields "North One Tank" "Box Lake" yields "Barking Fox Lake" "Blue Lake, Washington" yields "Nick Dr, Porter Indiana". huh? I'm sure the speed typist at the switchboard has a sense of humor. I'm just waiting for an email from the guys at Google Labs to tell me to speak more clearly.
  5. Alright.. so I've been searching the net looking for a solution for quite some time now, and everything I have found has not worked as of yet (or has not been the exact same problem)... I plug in my blackberry 8330 into a USB port on my laptop (running Win7 32-bit), and it pops up saying device not installed correctly. Under Device Manager, there's a yellow exclamation point next to: Unknown Device (listed under the category Universal Serial Bus controllers). I have tried: Installed Blackberry USB and Modem drivers Installed Desktop Manager Software Rebooting computer (twice) Searching google (for at least 2 hours) Ran Desktop Manager in compatibility mode for Vista Unplugged/reconnected blackberry phone several times Uninstalled/Reinstalling driver Tried updating driver from Windows Update Site Tried manually searching for driver on computer (I've selected the system32 folder to search through and it comes up saying: Windows has determined the driver software for your device is up to date. Unknown Device ) If this helps, under Device Manager under the category for Ports (COM & LPT), there are 2 items listed: RIM Virtual Serial Port v2 (COM3) RIM Virtual Serial Port v2 (COM4) Not sure what other info you guys need... but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. James Lawrence

    Best keyboard for programming?

    What keyboards are best for programming (writing lots of code and comfortable), and why? Thanks!
  7. I read in an article that one should avoid splitting of links. Links that come from outside shall have same url as internal links of the same landing page. What does that mean? I am quite confused
  8. James Lawrence

    wifi mobile security

    hi friends, I am in problem for my project wifi mobile security. I can't gather enough information for my project. So if any friends do this then plz help me . thks
  9. James Lawrence

    PHP coding?

    Hi Friends, How do you use div class' in php such that you can attach html generated by php into that div class. Example <html> <head> </head> <body> <div class="border"> </div> <?php echo "This needs to go into the class border" ?> </body> </html>
  10. We had a lightning strike close by a few weeks ago and everything is plugged into a surge protector that shows it is working properly with no damaged. My printer has a constant buzzing when plugged in now (I think it is shot). Anyway, since then my monitor works and my computer boots up, but the mouse and keyboard were not working (wireless) and I could not log into my account in XP Pro. I grabbed my son's wired mouse and keyboard to use for the computer and they don't work either. I have tried every USB port on the computer (Dell Precision), which has 2 in front and at least 6 in the back, and they don't work as well. The mouse shows lit up on the bottom and the keyboard lights go on when I first plug it into the port, but go off after 1-2 seconds. The USBs in the front give enough power that the external hard drive lights are on when computer goes on and the card reader light is on as well. Can someone please help me and let me know what the problem is. I want the info off of the hard drive at the least, but would like to have the desktop working. Thanks in advance,
  11. James Lawrence

    What is CLR?

    Want to know about CLR in .NET Technology in detailed. Thanks a lot in advance.
  12. James Lawrence

    study c+

    Where I can study c++?
  13. James Lawrence

    PC hardware: PC will not start

    PC shut itself down 3 days ago. Upon restart "No Video Input" was displayed on monitor. Shut power off to the PC, waited 30 sec to power back up and all worked fine. 2 days ago, after running McAffee virus scan I went to start the PC...but it was still running with the "No Video Input". Could not get video input, tried mouse movement, power on/off to the monitor. Video cable is conndted tight. My initial thought was the video card died...until... I shut the PC down manually, waited 30 sec and powered up. Fan now runs continuously at high speed (previously ran only at high for a few seconds before shifting to low speed. PC does not seem to move beyond initial power on command, and with no video to view I cannot put it in safe mode, etc. PC is a Gateway 503GR, Pentium 4 running XP home. I do not believe it would be cost effective to take to a repair shop. Also, had a virus in early August, was removed with McAffee tech support. Any on a potential home repair?
  14. i have one XML, that contain some information like ip, port no, user name and password etc... how could i parse XML in c?
  15. James Lawrence

    Certified Computer Examiner (cce) Examination

    I am going to have a quick view over the link that is shared.