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    70-646 Video Help

    Hi all, I would like to ask if there are avaiable videos from TrainSignal or CBTnuggets for the 70-646 exam with r2 updates? Thanks.
  2. SirPalmeirao


    Anyone? Thanks
  3. SirPalmeirao


    Hi all, I will take the 70-642 exam next month. Anyone how made this exam could give any tips? What is the subject (DNS,DHCP, etc) that is approched mostly? Many thanks.
  4. SirPalmeirao

    Cisco CCNA

    Thanks. Do you know any agent tools for free? Thanks one more time.
  5. SirPalmeirao

    Cisco CCNA

    Ok, thanks... I have one more question that might be more difficult. If superusers connects to my company throught VPN how can I log their activity in the network? Anyone could tell me if exists such tool for that purpose? Thanks again...
  6. SirPalmeirao

    Cisco CCNA

    If this topic is not in the right section please let me know. So it is the following... I have a L3 switch and I am thinking to do the following: - create VLAN to normal users (internal access) - create VLAN to super users ( external access) - create VLAN to servers (active directory) It is possible to configure the switch with multiple vlans and to put the users in one vlan and active directory, DHCP, DNS in another? And active directory is going to work normally? How can I log super users activity to external access? syslog? One more thing. I would like your opinion if this is a nice security structure for a small companny (90 users). Please post your comments. Thanks in advance.