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  1. Hi all, I am a CCNA/CCNP/CCIE R&S Written and Attempted Lab 4 Times - 2years back. Reason for SP : Job Requirement and company sponsored upon clearing. Been out of the game for a while. Need advice on study material and route to CCIE Service Provider. Those who have cleared it or are appearing for it, How to go about studying for the written and the lab ? What are core competencies above CCIE R&S. Strongholds required. How different is IOS XR. How do we work with the labs ? Gns3 ( till what level can be used before we need to rent labs for XR ) And options for rack rentals. Please advice.
  2. lohitj

    Starting CCIE IN 15 DAYS, NEED HELP !

    Hello People, I am very obliged to see so many people taking interest, sharing invaluable experience and advice/suggestions here. Lets please keep the experience and degree and value and all other things aside as this thread was started with the intention to do CCIE never the less. We all take risks in life, for we know that it might or might no be fruitful, everyone choses their own path according to their circumstances an being right or wrong is reall very relative to each person on this forum. I jus started with the books i mentioned earlier and found out that i was lacking in many area ( im not scared to admit almost all ) but i found out while going through the new CCNP Route and Switch and TSHOOT exam guides that studying or refering those books first gives me a very good headstart on preparing a mindset for CCIE i.e real world implementation of all technologies so i have included these three books in my study plan, everyones opinion might vary but you should really look into the books i am talking about as there is a lot of overlaping in the new CCNP track and CCIE LAB EXAM. Please share your views on this, and with due respect, the question of wether its worth being a CCIE or not is totally out of the scope of this thread. THank you all for your cotribution and sorry for the late reply. Regards, Lohit
  3. lohitj

    Starting CCIE IN 15 DAYS, NEED HELP !

    Hello Vijay, That sounds great. We could start together and share resources. Email or IM me so we cud stay off the Forum and stick to the purpose of it. lohitj@me.com Please to hear from you. Regards,
  4. lohitj

    Starting CCIE IN 15 DAYS, NEED HELP !

    Hello Big Evil, Well what you said is perfectly right, but that being said currently i have no other option. I have "situations" that dont let me get into a full time job right now, ill just put it as Govt and Visa issues. So i have around 8 months at hand and i am just utilizing this time for the CCIE. I will apply and look for jobs after the first attempt and as i see and hear, i have alot of time beyond my age of 22 next year to look for jobs and apply my skills. I think i got into a job too soon or i would be a CCIE by the end of the year, cuz my last 3 CCNP exams were given last year after which i started working and my last exam i am doin only now. Plus i would like to add i am currently in Dubai and there aren't much options to my specific type of job, may be i lack Certs and Exp both, but all i know is that in this part of the world, CCNP does not hold as much value as it holds outside and the IT market is also poor. Everything here is outsourced from other countries so i wanna complete my CCIE first and then start looking for a job elsewhere. From where i see it i have a lot of time. So this is my plan for now. My plane has already left so there wont be another stop until CCIE ... lol. I have taken your thoughts and advice into consideration and i highly appreciate everyone who adds in their experience. I feel oblighed after hearing all of you, Thank You So much, Regards
  5. lohitj

    Starting CCIE IN 15 DAYS, NEED HELP !

    Hello Sultan, I was thinking of the same. I just have on small doubt. Should i study one topic at a time for eg. MPLS ( from books then COD and then configuration and practice ) and repeat this for all technologies or study all technologies first and then start doing the Vol. 1,2,3 labs ?? The first option makes more sense to me but others opinion might differ ? What does every one have to say on that ? I completely agree with you as doing CCIE is not just about the number, its about the knowledge, so till i get my number, i will have enough knowledge that will help me at work anyways. Appreciate your input. Regards
  6. lohitj

    Starting CCIE IN 15 DAYS, NEED HELP !

    Hello, First of all, thank you for your input. It is and does sound a genuine advice. I will start with these books and the COD from INE and stick to basics. I can only think of the exams and the lab and the type of questions and stuff only when i have knowledge of what i am actually dealing with. Your advice is really appreciated and i know its a long and self journey but i will continue despite all the odds stated above, no doubt this is a reality and i accept it. This really helps. Thank you once again. Regards,
  7. lohitj

    Starting CCIE IN 15 DAYS, NEED HELP !

    Hello, With all due respects i appreciate your input. That being said, your post has motivated me even further in getting this, i do not care how many attempt this takes cuz this is not a short term goal for me, i will have to do this now or tomorrow then why stop. Assuming i am starting to prepare and i am 5+ in age and exp. what path would you suggest or what have you followed ? Regards,
  8. Hello, Firstly some info about me : Degree : Bachelors in Information Systems and Ecommerce Certs : CCENT, CCNA, CCNP ( ONT TO BE GIVEN THIS WEEK ) EXP : ISP Experience 1 Yr Age : 21 Now to the real topic of this post, I am going to start my CCIE preparation in 15 days time after finishing ONT(CCNP). I have no head or tail as to how i should begin with the studying and the materials required. Sadikhov and the WEB are filled with suggestions on this but i am still confused. Here is what i have in mind, please advice : Books : Internetworking with TCP/IP, Vol 1 by Douglas E. Comer The Protocols (TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1) by W. Richard Stevens CCIE R/S Official Exam Certification Guide Other Materials : Planning on purchasing INE's CCIE package http://www.ine.com/ccie-routing-switching-training-program.htm#Components but i am not sure. And i have no idea if its worth it or no. I has been highly spoken of to me by a fellow CCIE at my work place. What i need : ( I believe many ppl would have this question, brothers pls help here ) 1. What is the best or widely practiced approach to prepare for CCIE ? 2. From where to start, books or INE's COD ? 3. Can we complete the entire practice of the LAB on GNS3 ? ( I have a core i7 980, 16gb ram, ssd and all the IOS Cisco ever made ) 4. How much time does it take to prepare for CCIE roughly if i am dedicated to it full time ? 5. Is a boot camp neccesary to pass the exam or does it really help ? ( I am looking forward to Narbiks bootcamp in Dubai in January 2011 ) I know there are a lot of people that are Preparing for this, please help me on this, i want to learn from you mistakes and avoid them ( just being frank, im sorry if that sounds mean to anyone, my apologies ). Good luck to everyone who is preparing here, please shre your thoughts. Your advice will be really appreciated. THanks,