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  1. For those of you with an eye on consulting do you find that the CCNA is sufficient to deploy network designs for people, or do you think that the CCDA is a more useful certification for learning that part of consulting. I mean the part I speak of is network deployment, where you go to a business with no network and present them with an plan and initial design of there network. Feel free to deep dive on this topic...
  2. egrizzly

    Learning curve for CCNA > CCNP versus CCNP > CCIE

    cool. I appreciate the insight.
  3. For those of you who have certified as CCIE could you discuss your opinions on how the learning curve from the CCNP to the CCIE compares to that from CCNA to CCNP. Is going from CCNA to CCNP just as challenging as going from CCNP to CCIE, or is one of the learning curves tougher than the other. Please share your thoughts. Thanks.
  4. egrizzly

    CCNP or Bachelors degree

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Receiving some insight from peers who have been in my shoes before is priceless. It is definitely something that has helped me come to an informed decision.
  5. egrizzly

    CCNP or Bachelors degree

    Hello guys, I thought to trade thoughts with you guys. If one has an Associates degree + CCNA with a lot of help desk and desktop type experience, how does finishing college with a Bachelors degree in IT compare with going forward the cert route by obtaining a CCNP? Still at the beginning stages of trying to sort this out so figured to post it up here? Certainly welcome your thoughts.
  6. Heh, for this site are there any good resources for network design contracts, or are most of the consulting gigs out there mostly support. Figured to try this forum first. Any help/response would be appreciated.