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  1. sarahpinton

    So, what browser do you use these days?

    Firefox, although it's probably a bit slower than others, there are so many useful plugins that you don't care about loading time anymore.
  2. sarahpinton

    how to open port 3389 on ssg-140?

    Hey this is something, I just got the same thing myself and was about to ask the same question. Thanks a lot.
  3. sarahpinton

    Passed CCSP

    Not the place to post that, make another thread if you want results. Anyway, congrats on passing the exam.
  4. Google translate won't do the job very well. If you can't find someone then it's probably your best bet. Good luck.
  5. sarahpinton

    Cisco 1801 Password recovery functionality is disabled

    Where did you buy it from? Chances are you can't solve this unless you can somehow contact the last user.
  6. sarahpinton

    Rate limit on vlan interface on 3560/3750

    From what I can gather what abhigeet is suggesting sounds fine. I don't have much experience with ISP though.
  7. sarahpinton

    Reflector Port - SPAN

    That link has anything you will need, if you still have questions we're waiting
  8. sarahpinton

    AMD heating problem!

    I've had a lot of experience with AMD's in the past and I can tell you...don't buy them. You hardly ever use them to 100% because they still heat up so quickly. They're just inferior to Intel.
  9. sarahpinton

    want to be a programmer

    I think your best start would be designing sites and stuff like that and selling them. It's not very hard and you can still make a living out of it.