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  1. RaduG

    Is there topic about wireless 802.11n in CCNA exam ?

    No, because it is not included in the 802.11-2007 standard, but it is one of the already-implemented draft amendments. Long story short, it's not included because the technology is not finished.
  2. RaduG

    Date rate shifting

    Well, Linksys devices are usually built for home-use, so they probably assume that the user doesn't have where to move so far that data rate shifting would be of any use. And, you know, as consumer products, such a feature would also raise the price. HOWEVER, any router, no matter what brand, can offer different data rates for a station to associate. So, usually, if you are not so close to the router, the station won't recieve an answer for the request, and it will re-send it at a lower bandwidth. That means a router can have let's say 5 stations associated, each one with a different data rate
  3. RaduG

    Dynamic Frequency Selection

    No worries Glad I could help.
  4. RaduG

    Dynamic Frequency Selection

    Well, an AP sends beacon management frames on the channel that it was configured to work onto, and the NIC does passive scanning an all channels available. Anyway, by association you understand that the respective station has become a member of the AP wireless network. A station cannot select its channel, but it can connect to a certain network.
  5. RaduG

    Dynamic Frequency Selection

    Here's a more detailed explanation of 802.11h DFS. DFS service provides for the following: 1. An AP will allow client stations to associate based on the supported channel of the AP. 2. An AP can quiet a channel to test for the presence of a radar. 3. An AP may test a channel for the presence of radar before using the channel. 4. An AP can detect radar on the current channels and other channels. 5. An AP can cease operations after radar detection to avoid interference. 6. When interference is detected, the AP may choose a different channel to transmit on and inform all the associated stations. 802.11h also introduced the UNII-2 Extended band, with 11 non-overlapping channels.
  6. RaduG


    You don't have to convert the MAC address at all. Why would you? Let's have a look: 0010 7bcc 733a -sw3 0010 7bcc 7347 -sw4 If sw3 had 0010.7bcc.734a, Sw4 would have the lower MAC ADDRESS.
  7. RaduG


    I will explain you why. Sorry but I'm not good at explaining stuff, I hope that you will understand. First, make sure you know how the STP root bridge election and port roles are made. Considering the bridge priority, S1 will be the root bridge. So all three ports of S1 will be enabled. Now, because Sw4 has a higher mac-address than Sw3, the port to the hub will not be active.
  8. RaduG

    CWNA how to

    OK, I'm on my CCNA Wireless/CWNA run. I'll update this thread with the progress.
  9. RaduG

    CCNA 640-802 certification exam question

    I would like to ask another question. I've now logged in my certification tracking account and I've been asked to confirm my home address. After that I was told that a CCNA certification kit was sent to me... but they haven't requested my credit card info. Is the first one free?
  10. RaduG


    After I passed the CCNA certification, I was given a licence agreement to be signed by my parents, as I am 16. But I didn't find any reference to where I should send it online, and I didn't get an answer from cisco certsupport in two business days, as they claim that the maximum time of solving a case is. My question is, what could happen if I simply accept the agreement online, from the certificate tracking system, like someone over 18 should do? Can I get banned from CISCO for that?
  11. RaduG

    CCNA 640-802 certification exam question

    I didn't use any dumps, and anyway dumps are not allowed on this forum. It was much harder than expected... I had questions that covered everything studied in CCNA. Make sure you know your IPv6, NAT, DHCP, static and dynamic routing, VLAN, CDP and such.
  12. RaduG

    CCNA 640-802 certification exam question

    I've just passed the CCNA exam with 885 points... it was more difficult than I had expected. But anyways... How much time does it take for the result to appear on my Cisco account?
  13. RaduG

    CCNA 640-802 certification exam question

    Thanks for your answer!
  14. Hi,

    I hope you passed your exam. Could you please tell me from where can I get the testking or p4s for the CCNA composite exam?


  15. I'm taking the CCNA composite exam tomorrow and right now one question got into my mind. Let's say a question has multiple answeres... 3 for example. If I get two of them right and one of them wrong, do I get any points or the question is considered wrong? And what about the simulator questions? If you enter a wrong command, can you negate it and then do it right without losing points? Thanks!