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    show spanning-tree command output - how to read

    How can be the root id priority is 32768 if it is vlan 100? It should be 32868 because sys id is 100. If you are running this PT attach the topology, that will be helpful.
  2. sriikanthreddy


    it is better to read. I saw some practice exams. in that they have asked questions relation between eBGP and iBGP.
  3. sriikanthreddy

    Switch provision in stacking

    Can somebody explain what is provision and why is it required?
  4. sriikanthreddy

    Stub Areas problem

    check whether your ASBR have default route with
  5. sriikanthreddy

    ospf redistribute

    Thank you ash90....
  6. sriikanthreddy

    ospf redistribute

    R6(config-router)#redistribute subnets metric 200 metric-type 2 Unknown routing protocol - "redistribute subnets metric 200 metric-type 2" R6(config-router)#redistribute static metric-type 2 % Only classful networks will be redistributed I am not able to understand those errors. Can somebody explain about this?
  7. sriikanthreddy

    GNS 3

    I am getting this error === Flushing messages () === Queued messages: === Flushing messages () === Queued messages: What might be the problem?
  8. sriikanthreddy

    CCIE Number

    What is the use of ccie number? Why ccnp doesnot have it?
  9. sriikanthreddy

    AAA Easy to understand Tutorial.

    Thank you very much pappayaar. Great explanation. Continue the topic. I am using 3750. I didnt find one-time password there for privileges. What might be the reason?
  10. sriikanthreddy

    CCNP Switch

  11. sriikanthreddy

    Tacas + setup

    This link will help you http://www.cisco.com/en/US/tech/tk59/technologies_tech_note09186a0080094e99.shtml
  12. sriikanthreddy

    CCIE journey finally complete..

  13. sriikanthreddy


    yes iam able to ping dhcp server and i also enabled ip helper on vlan interfaces.
  14. sriikanthreddy


    i have a L3 switch and router. 1. L3 switch has 3 vlans and 1 router port. 2. That router port is connected to router. 3. dhcp server is behind the router. 4. dhcp clients are in the vlans of L3 switch. 5. I allowed ip helper at both router and router port of L3 switch. 6. Still Clients are not getting ip from dhcp server. did i miss anything?
  15. sriikanthreddy

    interface down

    Why is it so? why fa1 is going down if i shutdown fa0?