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  1. Deepanshu

    CCNA Voice CME Lab 1

    f CME file is too big, get rid of phone files you do not need (all but 2). And, set GNS3 to keep flash content, otherwise, it gets deleted after shutdown. I used my Vmware machines, one with GNS router and 2 win2000 for phones. Vmware can be paused and restarted, and win 2000 have lower min. requirements (64 MB and 2 GB disk). Total of 6 phones on 3 machines.
  2. Deepanshu

    My story JNCIP-M

    I can't say it much tricky, but some. You should read the JNCIP-M book carefully esepesially additional given notes. For me tricky part was that you need to be sure that all routes, especially from EBGP neighbors are installed in the routing table of each router according to tasks.
  3. Deepanshu

    CWNA how to

    OK, I'm on my CCNA Wireless/CWNA run. I'll update this thread with the progress.