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  1. Hi I was wondering if any of you can recommend a good windows based software capable of accounting so we can implement BYOD/GUEST access based on different criteria such as paid/unpain access or time based access for instance access to guest for 1h etc. I've been looking for something fairly cheap. We have WLC2504 and around 20x AIR-CAP1602 Thanks with advance Darioosh
  2. Hi I was tasked to find an 802.11a USB dongle with broadcom chipset for the project. It's quite difficult to find one as b/g are most common currently with n and ac comming more and more popular. Has anyone of you got any info about a divice I'm looking for that could recommend. It has to be "a" standard and it has to be USB dongle and it has to be broadcom chipset. No other options count. Thanks for any answers. darioosh
  3. darioosh

    ccnp 642-813 switch

    pearsonvue is definetely the best source to get this info, actually this is where you book your cisco certs exams, The same with CCNA
  4. darioosh

    Had CCNA for a while, ready to go for CCNP

    I just found Video Mentor which is not as entertaining as Jeremy is but provide a different level of teaching. They present more features which is always handy.
  5. darioosh

    Cisco Switch hard reset

    Thanks for reply. It's not terminal settings nor console cable. I succesfully connect to my router. Thanks
  6. darioosh

    Network command

    I had a question on my exam where they say enable eigrp on interface using most specific wildcard mask possible. Then you use network I actually like this way of configuration, it's not error prone in terms of wildcard mask errors. Which doesn't mean that you shouldn't know how to use them :>
  7. darioosh

    Cisco Switch hard reset

    Hi Does anyone know if there's a method of hard reset of cisco switch configuration without getting into the devices's ios? I have a 3500xl switch I bought about 4-5 years ago and I was wondering if I could use it for SWITCH exam along with the others but I cannot connect to console port. I remember having this problem few years ago when I wanted to use it for something but not resolved it and switch was sitting under the desk waiting for its time. What happen is I cannot see anything on the console screen once connected. Cable and putty setting are ok because I use them for other cisco devices. I'm preatty sure there's something to do with console setting i.e. bit rates, parity etc but can't figure out which settings is ok. I'm looking for solution to reset the config so I can use clean switch to start practising for the exam. I run password reset procedure, no joy. thanks for any answers
  8. darioosh

    Had CCNA for a while, ready to go for CCNP

    I shared some experience from my exam, as much as I could to not to violate forum rules. http://www.sadikhov.com/forum/index.php?/topic/188047-passed-route-sharing-my-thoughts-for-those-who-prepare/
  9. darioosh

    101 Labs for CCNP

    sic!, that's expensive! no I don't, but tried this one --> http://www.amazon.co.uk/Building-Scalable-Internetworks-Portfolio-Networking/dp/1587132133/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1338727692&sr=8-13 and I don't recommend. The one you posted have nearly 1200 pages I wonder if it's worth buying it.
  10. darioosh

    A Bug in the Book

    Hi All, I just need confirmation on EIGRP Authentication process. I read in the book for CCNP Route that: 1 - "Create the chain and give it a name with the key-chain name global command... . The name does not have to match ... ." 2 - "Create one or more key numbers using the key number command in key chain configuration mode. The key numbers do not have to match on the neighboring routers." During test I found that although the name of the key-chain does not have to match, the key number will have to in my case in order to form neighbourship. I configured three routers R1, R2, R3. R1 and R2 had exact same configuration key-chain AUTH key 1 key-string Cisco and it worked R2 and R3 had different key-chain name and it worked with the same key number but when changed key number to 100 neighboring failed and won't form. Is this a bug in the book or I'm doing somehting wrong? I'm preparing for CCNP Route and this is crucial I guess for the exam. Regards Darioosh
  11. darioosh

    Transparent Cisco router with PFSense Firewall behind.

    ok, so I'll answer myslef then just in case someone is interested and want to test new settings. We have three routers: R1 = ISP R2 = my dsl router R3 = is in fact a PC with firewall installed on it (this will create connection to ISP) R1-----R2-----R3 On R2 #conf t (config)#bridge 1 protocol ieee (config)#bridge crb (config)# int fa0/0 (config-if)#bridge-group 1 (config-if)#int fa 0/1 (config-if)#bridge-group 1 On R1 #conf t (config)#int fa0/0 (config-if)#bridge-group 1 On R3 #conf t (config)#int fa0/0 (config-if)#bridge-group 1 Now I used fastethernet on r2 and it works but not tried it on live router connected to ISP and in this scenerio I think I'll have to configure bridge-group 1 on ATM interface. Will test it and append this post. darioosh
  12. Hi Guys We want to test a solution where Cisco router is acting solely as a signalling device and passes all traffic directly to the firewall sitting behind it. So in a nutshell. Router no IP just signalling and firewall has poll of static IP configured and make a connection to ISP. I read about transparent bridging and bridge-group virtual interface etc. but not sure which one is best solution for this scenario. Has anyone ever configured similar one. Thanks, darioosh
  13. darioosh

    Failed 640-802 today

    Hi Jpearcy Give yourself a week off and seat back to book. Do not bypass practise do and repeat every subject until you feel comfortable with it. This will save you stress during the exam. I remember I stuck on NAT, I was convinced I configured it properly but it didn't work. But I passed, then I bought myself a Cisco 837 router and connected to internet, instead of using Tiscali tiny one. Then I had more opportunity to practise NAT including port forwarding. I'm pretty sure you know theory so give yourself a time to work more with IOS. Packet Tracer and GNS will do the job for you. Good Luck!
  14. I'm asking because some of users here probably work as or for contractors and deploy new networks. I was wondering how many really thinks about implementing IPv6. I can imagine that for mature network new scheme won't bring any benefits but some time ago there was a day of IPv6 and there was intensive traffic measured from businesses like google, amazon etc. So people test it out there. I work for contractor, we set up small to medium networks and data centers but non of the engineers mentioned ever about IPv6. It's got some interesting features, particularly I like any-cast which points to closest node although my knowledge isn't very comprehensive yet in this subject. But I definitely want to nail it soon.
  15. Hi guys I'm reading about IPv6 for my exam and I'm wondering if anyone started IPv4 to IPv6 transition and/or deployment. Can you share your experience with the others? D